September Minutes – 2018

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20 September 2018 at 7pm at Largs Library


Present: CCllr A Carson (Chair) CCllr V Lundie, CCllr J Stewart, CCllr K Murray, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr P Perman, CCllr J Perman, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Woods, CCllr J Phillips, Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr A Hill,

Apologies: none

Item Business
1 Welcome

CCllr Carson as chair welcomed members.

2 Apologies

None noted

3 North Ayrshire Council Report

Cllr Hill advised that NAC has agreed to set up a working group to review festivals. This would be more concerned with funding, licenses and permissions and other regulations that affect them.  This is to try and get a base line of what is legally required.

It was announced that NAC is committed to providing training on how to use defibrillators and CPR, so that no-one leaves a North Ayrshire School without knowing this.
Cllr Murdoch confirmed that the bins from the shorefront carpark are now removed with the works having been completed and they are in situ behind the commercial premises.
He also chased up the ‘no right turn’ for the shore carpark, pleased that new signs were to be provided. However, these signs are not suitable in location or style and will take this forward.
Regarding the Locality Partnership, NAC are still looking for a representative from LCC. Previously Douglas Blair took on this role. It was stated that although this is normally the chair, it doesn’t have to be.  At the most recent meeting there was a presentation from Cycling Without Age, and one of the three cycles will be kept in Millport with a local cycle hirer agreeing to store and maintain it.
Bellmans close has been cleared. The seafront toilet block is to be review and Cllr Murdoch has asked for this to be renovated.
At the recent NAC meeting CCllr Murdoch again raised the concern at the lack of EIA for the decommissioning site in Fairlie.  This is a SSS site and this hasn’t been taken into account.  This is a major concern.  He advised that the Marine Scotland licence hasn’t been applied for yet.
CCllr J Perman enquired about the enforcement of removal of chairs, tables etc in the square. Cllr Murdoch is taking this forward.

CCllr P Perman asked if NAC is acquiring the piece of vacant ground in Bellmans Close.  Cllr Hill confirmed that NAC is not pursuing this.  CCllr Perman also asked if NAC is using their right to charge double council tax on vacant properties. Cllr Hill confirmed they are and have been for over a year now.
CCllr Carson showed some photos of the poor condition of public toilets at the shorefront car park.  Cllr Hill confirmed that repair works are being costed at the moment.

4 Minutes of Meeting of  16 August 2018

Approved CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Wood

5 Matters Arising from Minutes

CCllr Cochrane advised that he attended the quarterly Hunterston Stakeholders meeting and advised it was the re-election of the officials of this group. There had originally been four prospective candidates but then two opted out on the day of the meeting.  This then left just two, Cllr Tom Marshall and Rita Holmes from Fairlie Community Council. The result being that Rita Holmes was re-elected as the chairperson by 7 votes to 5. Appointed as vice chair was Stuart McGhie of Hunterston Power Station.  Both Hunterston ‘A’ station and ‘B’ stations give their up to date reports. Hunterston ‘A’ is that by December the operation to remove radioactive substance from the very last bunker should begin.  Magnox is presently operated by commercial company but it will become an NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) subsidiary from September 2019.  Hunterston ‘B’ gave a presentation with fuel rods, including testing of the fuel channels, the ones with the tiny cracks, and concluded that they could withstand an earthquake of up to 7.4 measurements. It is hoped that the reactors are both operational by the end of the year.


Cllr J Perman raised the item, relating to the monies awarded by NAC to Largs Viking Festival.  CCllr Perman refers to the original application and states that it does not meet the criteria for the purpose of option B and therefore feels this is illegal and should not have been granted. Given that Cllr Hill is a lawyer asks him to clarify this.  Cllr Hill having quickly read the copy application agrees that it is perhaps light in terms of how it meets the criteria. CCllr Perman states that if, in fact legal opinion is that this does not meet the criteria then why was this passed?  Cllr Murdoch advised that they were advised that the application did meet the criteria and voted accordingly.  CCllr Perman does not feel that the prices charged for the various activities and goods help in the relief of poverty.
CCllr Carson asked CCllr Perman if action is required by the Community Council.  It was agreed that no action is required by LCC at this time and CCllr Perman is taking this forward. Depending on outcome the current investigation, LCC may become involved.

6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

LCC received thank you letters from North Ayrshire Family History society and 25thGroup Royal Observers Corp Association for their micro-grants.

Just reminding members of forthcoming/recent events details of which have already been emailed out:

–          Community Resilience  Meeting, 11 Oct 7pm in Troon

–          Making Places Initiative

–          North Coast Locality Partnership, 15 September (attended by CCllr Wood) Feedback to emailed out

–          Participatory Budgeting Event, 3 Nov, Largs Campus

–          Draft Plans Consultation for St. Colm’s Place, 26 Sep at Largs Campus.

Member of Public made contact via email expressing concern at explorative, excavation and pile driving works being carried out in the playing fields behind Auchenmaid Dr. She advises there has been very little consultation. Cllr Murdoch confirmed he has copy of this email, this will receive attention and be responded to.  It won’t be pile driving but is simple ground works and testing.

We are trying to expand our presence in the community via our social media and using links to provide other information eg foodbank

7 Treasurer’s Report

Project Account £1724.07 with 2 cheques still to be presented which will result in closing balance of £1424.07  Current Account  balance £137.59, with one cheque still to be present which result in closing balance of £117.19
Approved CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Adair

8 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – As reported by PC Helen Coyle. Report attached.  CCllr Wood mentioned an incident in Seamore Street where a young woman went into labour and couldn’t get her car out due to inconsiderate parking. Neighbours eventually came to her aid and managed to push the car out the way.  CCllr Wood has asked if Police could possibly keep an eye on parking issues.  This month has also seen the tragic passing of one of our students from Largs Academy and CCllr Wood feels there is more can be done to support our young people in the community.

b.    Licensing – Application in from The Room for extension to outdoor seating area (covered by planning) and license time for outdoor seating to 9pm, also to play music outside to 9pm.  CCllr Wood had responded with an objection to the issue of music being played outside until 9pm. This is a residential area as well as not wanting to set a precedent, so prompting other premises and further extensions. Given the short timescale CCllr Wood replied on behalf of LCC having spoken with CCllr J Perman and CCllr Adair.
CCllr P Perman asked for clarification from the elected members present that if a member of the public wished the use of the square can they do so, or only when tables etc. are not there. Cllr Hill confirmed that it is a condition of the businesses’ leases that should the whole square be required then tables and chairs present on the council owned areas be removed.
Cllr Hill advised he feels it’s too soon to be expanding on what’s there, perhaps waiting a year or so and see how things bed down with this new space. CCllr Wood feels that the views of the surrounding residents should be taken into account. She also intends to attend the forthcoming licensing meeting.
Hopefully the square will be included in hosting Yuletide events.
CCllr Phillips enquired about the enforcement of licensing rules regarding glasses being used outside.  CCllr Wood confirmed the rules are plastic glasses and will raise the issue with the police. CCllr Cochrane feels that any restrictions impacts on all outdoor areas throughout the town including the main street and has every faith in the licensing rules being enforced.

c.    Planning – Application submitted for the demolition and erection of 14 flatted dwellings at the former Queens Hotel. The drawings show 14 bin enclosures, however given that each flat could potentially have 4 bins each (56 in total) and that these could not all be accommodated, it is felt that there should be large communal bins similar to other flatted developments in the town. Having viewed drawings the decision of LCC is that no objections but conditions are communal bins and no higher than the current structure.

d.    Environment – Received letter of thank you from Largs Primary Eco Group.  CCllr P Perman has asked for addition members to join the environmental sub group.  CCllr Wood and CCllr Phillips agreed, CCllr Carson confirmed her support also.

e.    Transportation– CCllr Adair advised that he has received a few calls regarding cyclists on the pavements who were telling the pedestrians to move.  This would be an issue for the police. CCllr Lundie asked the elected members if NAC has any intentions of re-introducing the cycle lane on the prom.  Whilst it is a shared space she feels that it would encourage cyclists to use the lane and pedestrians would more than likely avoid it.  Both Cllrs advised ‘no’, Cllr Murdoch stated that costs a lot of money to do and there would be no benefit.  Given it is a shared space then any incidents would depend on the individual circumstances.
CCllr Adair advised that new signs are to be erected at Aubrey and Sandringham advising of no overnight parking for caravans and motorhomes.  Recently during the Viking Festival there were seven campers parked at Aubrey, using the bins and waste water drains.
CCllr Cochrane excused himself and left.

10 A.O.C.B.–  CCllr Carson introduced Anne-Marie Hunter from NAC and thanked her for attending.

CCllr Phillips enquired if any further knowledge about the former Sheiling or former Brisbane Primary site. Occasional work in the Sheiling site and Cllr Hill confirmed no firm plans yet for Brisbane site.
CCllr Murray enquired about a recent article that advised NAC would be supplying free sanitary products in its buildings, could NAC confirm which.  Anne-Marie confirmed anything that’s classed as a public building ie schools, libraries. CCllr Murray said it was good to know as at Largs Foodbank they could advise people where to go as they do run out of hygiene products to distribute. She also stated that they have never had anything from relief of poverty funding and rely solely on donations. Anne-Marie advised that as a charity/group they could apply for funding.

Cllr Hill touched on the Locality Partnership and that they discussed the working groups, also that persons can be co-opted as a local representative to the Partnership and not necessarily the CC representative.
CCllr Wood attended the recent meeting on behalf of LCC.  There are funds in the region of £400K to be spent on projects over the next year or two.
CCllr Adair voiced disappointment that members of the public are not permitted to speak without first applying in advance to the chair to speak.  It is effectively a meeting in public but not a public meeting.  Cllr Murdoch stated that the working groups are keen to move forward and that the three groups overlap. Eg The Cycling Without Age could involve young people as outriders.
Anne-Marie encourages people to join the groups via participation by experience.
CCllr Wood enjoyed the partnership meeting and the discussions. She feels that it would be nice if we had a place where youngsters could go and sits down to chat with their peers rather than someone in authority. CCllr Stewart advised that a lot of young people feel overlooked by persons in authority and not taken seriously.
Cllr Hill advised that this is one of the projects they are working on behind the scenes and trying to get the Helter Skelter going again. This should be run by young people for young people.  CCllr Murray suggested that it could give the young people vital experience when looking for employment.

Cllr Hill confirmed that the contractors for the recent housing development used Helter Skelter as a base and in exchange they carried out some works to the building to make it wind and watertight.   Mr Kirkwood of the developers has agreed to stay involved in this project. They are looking to set up two groups, one to help with fundraising and the other to assist with the running of it.
Cllr Hill finished by saying that both he and Cllr Murdoch are pressing the housing department to make sure there are sufficient ‘green’ spaces and play areas in new developments eg St Marys., because  we are losing a lot of these spaces and although we have Inverclyde and the new campus, you have to pay for these facilities.

11 Date of Next Meeting – 15 November 2018

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