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15 November 2018 at 7pm at Largs Library


Present: CCllr A Carson (Chair), CCllr J Stewart, CCllr K Murray, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Wood, Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr A Hill, Sgt S Kerr, PC R Pollard

Apologies: CCllr V Lundie, CCllr J Perman, CCllr P Perman

Item Business
1 Welcome

Members welcome

2 Apologises

As noted above.

3 Residents of George St, John Clark St and Seamore St

Fewer residents in attendance than expected. CCllr Carson recapped on this issue with the trees. She was pleased with the independent report that was prepared by Callum McCutcheon who encountered some angry residents whilst carrying out his report.  Cllr Murdoch advised that he continues to receive emails on this topic, even stating that there are residents who would like the issue resolved but are scared to attend this meeting.  CCllr Carson advised that they were all welcome and all given a fair chance to have their say. NAC are keen to set up a meeting to discuss options and to resolve any issues.  The independent report contained some contradictions to the report by NAC.  LCC are now going to set up this meeting.  Both Cllr Murdoch and Cllr Hill raised questions on this at the recent full Council meeting. Cllr Murdoch asking if NAC plans to change the way it consults with the local community. NAC responded that it did, but was not legally require to do so in the case of the Douglas Park shelter, nor for the trees in George St, Seamore St and John Clark St as this was for safety issues.  The residents are happy to proceed with a meeting to reach a compromise.

4 Visitor -Ros Fallon, NAC, ‘Preparing for Winter Weather’
Recapped on the campaigns that she is covering. The current campaign is for winter gritting.  NAC Road department have now switched over to their winter and standby rotas. Gritting is prioritised with priority 1 and 2 routes in and around Largs. This does not include the trunk road (A78) which is covered by Transport Scotland. Ros would ask that members of the public are directed to the NAC web page (/gritting) giving all details on where, when, maps etc.  Ros also recapped on interaction with the residents of the Brisbane Glen area, providing solutions.  The gritters for this area start in Skelmorlie and work their back towards Largs. Members of public can apply for a grit bin for their street, but have to do so as a collective agreeing the position for the bin to be placed. NAC ask that it is looked after during the summer period.  Largs has a Winter Resilience team and it is the only team within NAC and she would urge new members and engage with them.
Ros will keep us up dated, providing publicity material for our web page.
5 North Ayrshire Council Report

Cllr Hill advised that in relation to the Hunterston decommissioning site there has been a SEPA consultation for the waste management on the site. A comparable site to this one is on Shetland which is cover by PPC Regulations which are more stringent than Waste Management Licence which is what SEPA have deemed relevant to Hunterston. A Waste Management Licence is the same licence that is required for the local amenity site or a skip hirer would have in place. Whereas, the SEPA application mentions, although not they are not necessarily planning to, but does mention handling anything up to a 1000 tonnes of asbestos a day.   Cllr Murdoch continued that also contained in the SEPA report is a whole list of materials including radioactive materials.  The SEPA report involves a huge amount of paperwork and deadline for responses was yesterday (14 November).  Fairlie Community Council and Friends of The Clyde have been up in arms about it. He is shocked that the people of Largs aren’t up to speed with this. Cllr Hill added that the applicant, Peel Holdings have not been particularly ‘good neighbours’  what with the problems with coal dust and even fatalities on their own site.  What is of concern to the people of Fairlie is the approach, where a huge organisation applies for several small planning applications one at a time, when clearly they have a big project in mind. Instead of coming forward to the people and saying this is what we want to do with the site and have a discussion they have this drip feeding of applications rather than giving us the big picture.  During a planning consultation meeting they weren’t forthcoming with all the information and plans, unless someone happen to ask, in fact plans were under the table!  The final licence they need to apply for is the Marine Scotland Licence to allow for dredging. That will be the last chance for an EIA because they are the last people that can called for it to be done, although two years ago, at that point in time, they decided it wasn’t necessary.  Cllr Murdoch continued that NAC have granted the planning permission and the 3 month deadline for challenging that has passed but that SEPA and Marine Scotland are still able to ask for EIA.  This site sits on a SSSI site and marine biologists are saying that this cannot be allowed to happen here. All these concerns have to be looked at.  When Coalport had the issues with the coal dust, they sent out window cleaners and car valets. What happens if the materials mentioned e.g. asbestos are airborne?  Cumbrae Community Council is now having a meeting about it.
Regarding the issue to dissolve Community Councils, Cllr Murdoch was astonished that this was even raised.

Cllrs Murdoch and Hill were both attended the participatory budget which was very good and well attended.

He also had a meeting with Gordon Coppart of Transport Scotland regarding the no right turn sign at the sea front car park and ways to resolve any issues.  Regarding the bus shelter in the Main Street, he has had meetings to discuss moving the shelter to the top of the bus stop. This would help alleviate problems with the junction at Bath Street.
The remembrance ceremony was very well attended on the occasion of commemorating the 100 year anniversary.  CCllr Adair commented that there were issues with the PA system but overall it was very good.  Cllr Murdoch has a response raised by CCllrs Perman, but will wait until they return.

6 Minutes of Meeting of  18 October 2018

Cllr Murdoch raised a correction to item 3 stating that Cllr Murdoch had received complaints going back to 2011. He wasn’t elected then but that the NAC had received these complaints.
Cllr Hill raised correction to item 3 stating that CCllr J Perman had asked who gets to vote at the Locality Partnership meeting (referring back to the money issued to Viking Festival).  Everybody would be involved in the decision making process as the aim is to reach a consensus.  The only time that only the 7 elected councillors only would vote is if a financial issue and agreement cannot be reached. Relating to the particular meeting regarding the funding application in question, not vote was required.
Cllr Murdoch also raised correction to item 9c regarding construction of the sheltered housing complex, stating that the police building would have made an ideal car park.  What he stated was that he was disappointed that the police station hadn’t been included because the current car park for St Colms, if you did include the police station was a direct link between the two, so you could have had a bigger complex.

7 Matters Arising from Minutes

Covered under other relevant items.

8 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence, Including Social Media.

Secretary sends apologies. Any relevant items will be emailed out.
Social Media report from CCllr Stewart. We have had a good increase in our facebook hits, although the web page is not as well used as we would have liked. Twitter not going so good. Facebook seems to be the most popular.

Further to a meeting with Largs Academy, CCllr Stewarts believes this will be a better link to their platform.

Secretary had emailed all members the final response from NAC regarding our complaint about the handling of Douglas Park Shelter.  CCllr Cochrane feels that the original letter was far longer with additional comments/points than was agreed. It should have been bullet points.  When he looked at it one of the main points of the complaint they have ignored was that the relevant information was not provided i.e. the asset transfer. They have also ignored the statement that it was a police recommendation that the shelter come down.  We always stated that it was a police comment and they have taken it as a recommendation. They have also ignored other points that have been made voluminous with other comments.  One of the pivotal points that they are stating is that the Growers did not want the asset, but we showed in the time line that this did not pre-date our 19 July 2017 meeting. The recurring theme we keep hearing is that NAC didn’t need a written report. CCllr Cochrane proposes that he will compose a letter of response.

9 Treasurer’s Report

CCllr Carson has already emailed out end of year details to members. This now needs to go to NAC auditors.
CCllr Cochrane asked about the cost of the independent tree survey and was it minuted?  This was discussed and agreed unanimously during October meeting. (Item 3).

Current Account balance £117.19
Project Account balance  £1424.07
Proposed CCllr Wood, 2nd CCllr Adair

CCllr Carson advised that she is stepping down as treasurer and CCllr P Perman has agreed to take over this position.
CCllr Carson has put herself forward as our Chairperson. CCllr Cochrane propose CCllr Carson for position of Chairperson, 2nd CCllr Wood

CCllr P Perman is proposing a project for outdoor adult gym equipment for Largs and is gathering costings etc. regarding this.

10 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – Reported by Sgt Sharon Kerr.  There has been a reduction in the number of reported incidents.  CCllr Wood asked that when monitoring the traffic situation at the campus could they also take into account the children crossing at the foot of Surrey Glen/Moorburn Road. Cllr Murdoch advised that this is an ongoing issue that he continues to pursue.  The particular problems relate to the main school entrance.

b.    Licensing – none to report

c.    Planning – none to report

d.    Environment – CCllr Murray advised that she attended the recent StreetScene drop in session at Largs Library.  They were seeking opinions on topics such as grass cutting, planters etc. How well the town does regarding these topics and what could be done to improve things.  There will be another consultation in Jan 2019 before any final decisions are made.  Cllr Hill added that as budgets are tightening this means grounds maintenance etc. will also be impacted. Examples already seen include the flower beds along the pathway at Sandringham not being planted but filled with red blaze.  Cllr Murdoch urges local people to get involved more in their community rather than commenting on Facebook, that doesn’t get things done. Get involved.  CCllr Carson felt the library would make an idea community centre then perhaps the groups using it would be more aware on LCC. Following on from her recent visit to the school campus CCllr Stewart is keen to get younger people involved and that prior to joining the CC she wasn’t even aware that CCs existed. This would be ideal for senior pupils looking to complete their Saltire Award or students hoping to enter politics. Building relationship with the youth. Cllr Murdoch thinks overall it is a good idea but reiterated that there is no money from the council. Funds could be obtained from alternative sources.  Getting people involved is difficult, an example is Helter Skelter, where there was a good amount of people running it then it dwindled and dwindled, until your left with just a couple of folk. CCllr Wood felt that Helter Skelter failed as it was run by parents who impose parental ‘rules’ on the kids.  Perhaps if it was run by 6th year students the young ones would have been more comfortable.  On the other hand, the skate park has been a great success.
Following on from CCllr Stewarts visit to the school, Mrs Burns is very keen to have a connection with LCC. Happy for us to be included in events etc to promote our group.

e.    Transportation – CCllr Adair reported an unusually event where two cars had been parked at Sandringham for about 3 weeks. He happened to notice them returning and it transpires that they lived in Kilgreggan. Parking at Helensburgh, Glasgow or Glasgow Airport costs them money. So, they park in Largs and get the train to Glasgow Airport. Their friends from Helensburgh do the same!
No other issues to report.

11 A.O.C.B. – CCllr Murray would like to return to an issue she raised previously concerning Largs Foodbank.  Today she was working at the Foodbank and was made aware of issues at Brooksby. One issue is that apparently Brooksby have issued too many vouchers and the person was turned away. Another issue raised was that having spent funds on boiler repairs then asked for help and was declined. This person was left distressed and in tears.
Cllr Murdoch has raised the issue about privacy and embarrassment around distribution of vouchers. He will take this forward about being declined.   The physical set up of Brooksby is not good and perhaps the issue is with staff not being sensitive enough.
12 Date of Next Meeting –  20 December 2018

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