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Minutes from the November 2017 Meeting

Largs Community Council

Approved Minutes
16 November 2017 at 7pm at Largs Library

Present: CCllr D Blair (Chair), CCllr V Lundie, CCllr P Perman, CCllr J Perman, CCllr A Carson,

CCllr J Phillips, CCllr J Stewart, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Woods, Cllr I Murdoch, Inspector B Skimming

Apologies: CCllr E Marshall, Cllr A Hill

Item Business
1 Welcome

Chair welcomed members and Inspector Skimming.  CCllr Blair asked if there was anything to be added to agenda under A.O.C.B


2 Apologises

As noted above


3 North Ayrshire Council Report

As reported by Cllr I Murdoch – CCllr Wood enquired about the progress of the skate park redevelopment at Mackerston. Cllr Murdoch responded that he has a preliminary date of 27 November, but this is not definite. There had been hold ups and discrepancies in the budgeted figures for this project.
Cllr Murdoch reported that the yellow box junctions have now been re-painted and an additional one inserted at the junction of Crawford Street and Main Street.  He was disappointed with the length of time that it took to carry out these actions.   Further to the Scrutiny Committee vote at North Ayrshire Council re the Douglas Park Shelter demolition, he was unable to confirm who voted or not as there was no roll call taken.
With reference to Largs Community Council’s FOI request, he attended a meeting during which he asked NAC Chief Executive and Andrew Fraser what the holdup was in replying to us as over the 20 working day deadline, Cllr Murdoch asked them to chase it up.  CCllr J Perman had chased it up last week, but as yet no reply.
Aubrey boating pond – Cllr Murdoch has emailed requesting details of timescales etc.
Largs Prom resurfacing is starting Monday 20 November 2017 and will be closed to the public from Lifeboat station to the pier until 22 December 2017.  The upgrading work to the shelters has already started.
The upgrading of footpaths through Scott Swing Park and Surrey Glen has started.
The traffic and parking issues, particularly around the Calmac area is an ongoing issue and hopefully will be able to provide some further information in December.
The new Post Office opens this coming Friday, which is good news, but Cllr Murdoch is concerned about the vacant premises now on the one side of the Main Street and hopes that tenants can be found soon.
Cllr Murdoch advised that North Ayrshire Council is now operating ‘paperless’ and councillors have been issued electronic tools.

CCllr J Perman asked about the current situation with the bins in Gallowgate Square.  Cllr Murdoch has been pursuing this matter and had asked why wait until January when the work is due to start, stating that Largs Community Council had raised the issue with him.  Also given the fact that the work should have started in October then the bins should have been removed prior to this. There is still some negotiation as to where they should go. It is the general feeling amongst member that this is the responsibility of the businesses to which the bins belong.

CCllr Blair stated if there is an enforcement needed regarding this issue then NAC should take it.

CCllr Adair raised concern about the polystyrene fish trays quite often blowing about at the rear of the Blue Lagoon Restaurant. CCllr Blair advised that this should be covered by Street Scene.
Cllr Murdoch advised that BID2 revote coming up at the turn of the year and he advised that he will be attending a meeting tomorrow (17 November 2017) so should have more information after that.   Cllr Murdoch has been asking for meetings and ex-ordinary meetings concerning BID and the suggested CID.


4 Minutes of Meeting of 19 October 2017

CCllr Blair thanked CCllrs Carson & Stewart for these minutes in the secretary’s absence.
Correction to Cllr Murdoch reporting that “NAC had voted to protect Young people in Care’ and they will now be exempt from paying Community Tax.” He advised that this is not technically correct. NAC had discussed this and agreed to write to the Scottish Government asking for it to be implemented as NAC don’t actually have the power to do this.  However, since then the Scottish Government have announced that this is something they wish to do.
Amendments to be made to October minutes by secretary.
Proposed subject to amendments CCllr Wood, 2nd CCllr Cochrane


5 Matters Arising from Minutes

FOI – on Friday 22 September CCllr J Perman had submitted original request, acknowledgement received Monday 25 September. Advised that NAC have 20 working days to respond. Response received Friday 20 October, which was in fact the 20 working days!  This response contained only four email strings.   CCllr J Perman not satisfied with this response and complained.  This was then appealed.  Email received Monday 23 October advising that the NAC staff member had been instructed by their legal services to carry out this request properly.  CCllr J Perman had quoted details from Craig Hatton’s report, none of which were provided to us.  Assuming this appeal has a ‘new’ 20 working day turn around, this takes up to Monday 20 November.  CCllr J Perman chased this up last week, but has yet to receive a reply.
CCllr Blair questioned whether as a Community Council we lodge a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner about the way our request has been processed/handled.
Proposal to allow CCllr J Perman, if appropriate, to move forward with formal concerns for failure to adhere to the FOI request.
Proposed CCllr Wood, 2nd CCllr Adair.  Unanimous in support of this proposal.


CCllr Blair summarised the situation with regards to the two separate emails to NAC’s Chief Executive and Chief Legal Officer, for which we received on combined response.  He has sent a holding email in the meantime.  A full response will be issued subject to information contained within the FOI response. However, it is the general feeling of members that we, as a Community Council, have been treated badly and insulted and at the very least an apology is due to Largs Community Council once it is clarifies who said what, even questioning whether we were constituted!


6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

LCC invited to attend North Ayrshire Funding Fayre to be held Monday 20 November 2017 at 10-12noon at Saltcoats Town Hall.  CCllrs Wood and Carson possibly able to attend.
Email from North Ayrshire Council invited LCC to Local Development Plan 2 Workshop, Wednesday 29th November 2017, 6.30-8.30pm, Saltcoats Town Hall.  CCllr Blair possible attending, would be interesting to see if any developments planned for school sites.
Email from North Ayrshire Council, as a follow up to Community Council Conference, invite LCC to Community Council Forum initial meeting, 21 November 2017, 7-9pm, Focus Community Learning Centre, Saltcoats.   CCllr Blair interested in attending.

CCllr Blair advised that the next North Coast Locality Partnership to be held at Clark Memorial, 12 December 2017, 6pm  CCllr Blair expressed dissatisfaction at the way the meeting is conducted in that members are not permitted to ask questions.  CCllr Blair has had communication from other community councils expressing an interest in meeting up to discuss views as they too feel that they are excluded in certain topics.


7 Treasurer’s Report

Accounts are still with the auditor as are the cheque books.  One cheque has been present for payment on the project account taking the balance to £2044.07 and the current account remains at £390.22

CCllr Cochrane enquired about an outstanding micro grant application.  CCllr Blair confirmed that this outstanding application was submitted after the cut- off date.  It will however, be considered in next round of micro-grants.  These will of course be subject to further funding being received from SSE.  Chair will contact SSE regarding this.
Accounts – proposed  CCllr Philips, 2nd CCllr Adair


8 Sub Committee Reports

a.       Police – As per attached report. Inspector Skimming reported that it was pleasing that some days there are no reported incidents in Largs area. CCllr Wood asked if local police were aware of the recent deer culling up the Haylie Brae area, as dog walkers had reported hearing gunshots. Inspector advised that they were aware and that this covered a period of 2 hours on Sunday 29 October 2017.   CCllr Blair advised that there were concerns raised to members about the fact that members of public were close by and lack of signage.  Inspector Skimming advised that he would take on board our concerns.
CCllr P Perman enquired if there had been any issues with the re-opening of The Fiddlers.  No issues reported.  CCllr Wood reported that there is now sufficient door staff to control internally and externally.  Lack of security had previously been an issue.
CCllr Carson asked that with Xmas approaching, are taxi marshals going to be on duty.  Inspector advised there would be and would run from the first week in December.
CCllr Adair stated that residents of Alexander Avenue still have grave concerns over traffic for the new Largs Campus and would like to have another public meeting to address their issues.
CCllr Adair also stated that he had approached Police Scotland, North Ayrshire Council and Calmac and put forward suggestions regarding congestion and queuing ferry traffic but had not had any response.  So, he had made further contact with Calmac who had rejected all suggestions. CCllr Adair also raised concerns about the number of motorhomes parking over in Largs and even more so was that some are emptying their toilet cassettes and chemicals down drains which are not designed for sewage.  Cllr Murdoch stated that Millport, particularly in summer months experiences this problem as well.
Finally, Inspector Skimming advised that this would be his final meeting as he was now retiring after 30 years’ service. His replacement will be Colin Convery who is currently working out of Irvine office.
CCllr Blair, on behalf of Largs Community Council wished him well in his retirement.
b.    Licensing  None to report


c.    Planning None to report


d.    Environment Sub-committee held meeting regarding the Forestry Project. Good turnout from other interested groups. CMRP, SWT, Save The Gretas, two local councillors amongst the attendees. We are on the 7th version of the plans.  They have altered, but only marginally.  Plans included new paths and seating areas.  FCS had asked if groups could compile concerns etc and present them as one, rather than FCS speaking individually to parties. CCllr Blair had made further contact with FCS who have agreed to hold meeting with interested groups, ideally before end December.  General consensus is for Wednesday 13 December 2017.  Date and venue to be advised.
FCS issue is going to be raised at the next CMRP meeting on Friday 1 December which CCllr P Perman will be unable to attend.  CCllr Blair will endeavour to attend as this topic will be raised.


Cllr P Perman had received a phone call about the amount of dog poo in Nelson Street, which she has passed onto to Streetscene.
e.    Transportation – Following on from Calmac meeting all suggestions regarding parking and traffic measures have been dismissed. It was suggested that CCllr Adair obtain this response in writing.

CCllr Adair advised that residents of Alexander Avenue would like another meeting to discuss their concerns about the traffic, proposed crossing point and cycle paths.
CCllr Blair stated that he feels as Community Council we have already done a lot for the residents of this area and that perhaps elected councillors could possibly do more.  Cllr Murdoch advised that North Ayrshire Council have agreed that should any residents wish a dropped kerb option to their premises this will be done free of charge to help alleviate street parking.

CCllr Phillips stated that it is appalling that we have been discussing this now for nearly two years and fears that it still won’t be resolved for the new campus opening.
CCllr Blair advised that maybe another meeting for the residents would be in order.


9 A.O.C.B. – Anne advised that both she and Joanna have been working on the website and advised that the North Ayrshire Official who help set up the page will be attending LCC meetings when possible.

Cllr Murdoch just had confirmation via email that new contractor in place for skate park commencing 27 November 2017.


10 Date of Next Meeting – 21 December 2017

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