May Minutes – 2019

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Approved Minutes
16 May 2019, 7pm at Largs Library


Present: CCllr A Carson (Chair), CCllr V Lundie (Secretary), CCllr P Perman (Treasurer), CCllr K Murray, CCllr J Stewart, CCllr A Adair, CCllr J Phillips, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr J Perman, CCllr L Smith,

Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr A Hill

Apologies: Cllr T Marshall

Item Business
1 Welcome

Chair opened the meeting, welcoming members and members of the public.

2 Apologies

As noted above

3 Ros Fallon, NAC

Ros covered off her remit of road networks including surfaces, lighting, structural and bridges and open to questions.  CCllr Wood praised the good job done recently in Fraser Street. However there are some areas of the street that are not quite level and have causing it to be difficult to walk on resulting in CCllr Wood to fall.
Ros also clarified the council policy on fly posters.  NAC have a robust policy whereby anything visible from the carriage way or attached to lighting columns will be removed as causes distractions to motorists, unless prior agreement by way of permit eg events banners.
MOP, John Knowles asked about action programmes for road surfacing in Largs. Ros confirmed that road conditions are examined and graded.  This programme is not published as the planning can change depending on emergencies. Mr Knowles asked about Brisbane St, Cllr Murdoch confirmed that it has been survey and although surface is uneven it is not that bad with potholes to warrant repair. Mr Knowles gave an example of a particular pot hole that has been filled 4 times in an 18mth period and has asked for Brisbane Street to be looked at again. Ros advised that all roads not on the resurface schedule that they will continue to follow a patch and repair approach and asked us to continue to report faults via phone, online or via the app. The council are then duty bound to inspect.
CCllr Phillips mentioned the state of Flatt Road. Ros responded that Flatt Road as part of the upcoming development will be completely resurfaced as part of the development programme.

4 North Ayrshire Council Report

Cllr Murdoch advised that council held meeting yesterday (15/05/2019) with Peel Ports re the launch of the Hunterston Master Plan and their proposals. NAC via the Ayrshire Growth deal may invest up to £18m into the site. Also discussed was the commencement of construction of the Ardrossan Harbour plan with the vote in favour of this started prior to the new ferry being ready.
There has been issue with bins on the prom, the event bins were remove in order to collect data from the new compactor bins in their current positions.  This resulted in excess litter on the prom and overflowing bins. The event bins have now been replaced in prominent positions.
Some areas of pavements in the main street (south side) are in very poor condition, Cllr Murdoch advised that there is a scheme being designed for permanent restructure. He has expressed concern with this as the works are planned for summer. In the meantime, temporary repairs will be done to eliminate these trip hazards.
Again, he raised the lack of EIA with NAC for the plans at Peel Ports.  Scottish ministers claimed, in writing, that there had been meetings and discussions, and so supported the decision for no EIA being required.  Further to a request under FOI for details of these, it was then confirmed that in fact there had been neither meeting nor discussions.

CCllr P Perman raised the issue of lids coming of the event bins. Cllr Murdoch confirmed that the recent incident was as result of the bin being kicked over causing the lid to dislodge and the litter spewed onto the prom.
CCllr Carson had spoken to manager of Wetherspoons as there is no bin for the cigarette stubs, which predominately come from their customers are their prom entrance.
CCllr P Perman asked what was the result of the £22K feasibility study carried out for a jetty in the bay, has the study been done and what was the result? Cllr Murdoch responded that it has been done, with potential cost being in excess of £1m and so the plan has been dropped.
CCllr P Perman brought to Cllr Murdoch’s attention that the expensive £24Kprom lights we had installed, not that long ago, are out again.  Cllr Murdoch advised that this is an ongoing issue that he is continually reporting this, he is not happy with them.
Ros Fallon, NAC, advises she will see if she can assist in this matter.

CCllr Phillips asked councillors for update on site at former Brisbane Primary.  As yet no update or discussion made.

5 Minutes of Meeting of  18 April 2019

Approved CCllr M Wood, 2nd CCllr P Perman

6 Matters Arising from Minutes

CCllr Carson gave up date on Top Up Tap, advising that it is progressing well. The location has been confirmed as outside The Moorings at the pier head. This location was ideal as has the greatest footfall, water supply and CCTV. It is progressing through various departments of NAC for final approval.

7 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence and Social Media

Reminder of Oil and Gas consultation on Environmental Report survey closes 25 June 2019.
CCllr Carson has requested that Largs CC be included in the Hunterston Liaison Group. Fairlie and Cumbrae are already involved but not Largs. Cllr Murdoch expressed his dissatisfaction to Peel ports that West Kilbride and Largs had not been included in consultations and that the consultations should include the whole of the Hunterston Park.
CCllr Carson introduced MOP, Alan Peddie, is currently an Environmental Project Officer at Edinburgh University, working towards making the university carbon neutral by 2040. He is keen to be involved in local environmental groups/projects.  CCllr P Perman invited Alan to join our environmental sub group. He is keen to get local groups to work together.
Under media group report, CCllr Carson reported that both Facebook engagements and twitter is increasing.

8 Treasurer’s Report

Admin account balance £431.25 and project account £724.07   Approved CCllr Stewart, 2nd CCllr Lundie

9 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – Report by Sgt Kerr – as attached report. PC Jamie Hutchison will be moving onto the firearms unit. PC Neil McKinnon will return to Largs in June.
CCllr P Perman raised the issue of illegal parking on the bottom half of Nelson St, as result cars unable to pass each other.  MOP suggested that the double yellow lines be repainted. Ros Fallon advised she would take this back to NAC.  Sgt Kerr will keep an eye on areas within the town causing us concern.

b.    Licensing- David Castlevecchi runs Haylie Stores. The previous licence had lapsed and having invested a lot of time and money in refurbishment then applied for the licence to be re-instated. However, despite the support of LCC this was declined by NAC on the basis of overprovision. He has re-applied and was looking for the support of LCC. Hayley Stores is the only outlet between Morrison and West Kilbride.  It is for a small selection of products and would allow them to secure a commercial contract with well-known brands e.g. Londis, Premier, who will not commit without having an alcohol license. CCllr Wood confirmed that has not received notification of this application. LCC had previously supported this application and no objections to doing so again.

c.    Planning – application for change of use from beauty salon to dwelling. Former Beyond Beauty in Gateside St.
Application for cottage, Main St to form 4 separate flats. This is the narrowest point at the pedestrian crossing.  The building will retain its original building line to the front. Parking will be accessed from the rear of the property. No objections.

d.    Environment – CCllr P Perman carried out beach clean today with 36 local primary children, collecting 7kgs of rubbish which is less than normal, being a good sign. It was proposed by CCllr Perman to issue a cheque to each of the primaries for £15 to put towards their eco fund.   2nd CCllr Phillips.

CCllr Perman discussed with Helen Millar (NAC) our proposal to adopt the flower bed at bottom of Gogoside Road.  NAC not doing hanging basket as they require to be watered regularly. Cllr Murdoch agreed he would attend to this for baskets within our flower bed. NAC have agreed to provide us with the top soil. Cllr Hill advised that historically they also provided the plants, to ask again about this.
Cllr Murdoch advised that the roadside clean up the Haylie Brae has now been done with approx. 60 bags being filled. A great effort by NAC.
Ros Fallon also encouraged anybody with dashcam footage of such actions to forward footage to NAC, who have the powers to issue penalties.

MOP, Ian Dippie gave an update on the forestry project. It is planned to start on 100hectares over towards Blair Park farm.  Tilhill have offered a site meeting to cover what they will be doing over the next two years on the land down to back of Largs.

e.    Transportation- CCllr Adair reported that some of the pavements are in a dreadful state as reported earlier.

10 A.O.C.B. – CCllr Carson gave presentation on our proposal for outside gym equipment.  Two areas identified, Cairney’s Quay and area just north of RNLI station. We have consulted with the Street Scene team and have looked at the examples of existing setups in Ayr and Prestwick.  Display given of typical examples of equipment.  Survey conducted via Facebook which was very positive.  CCllr Carson gave results of likelihood of use, age, disability, location preference, frequency of prom use, finish of equipment.
It is proposed to apply for £20K from the Largs Carpark Fund, which would enable us to construct both sites. Cllr Hill confirm that it is wise to apply to the carpark fund, allowing us to work with the council, thus providing the manpower for construction and cover insurance, etc. Included in the proposal with be a link to reduction of obesity, relief of stress & anxiety and isolation in the elderly.
11 Date of Next Meeting –  20 June 2019

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