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Unapproved Minutes
17 May 2018 at 7pm at Largs Library

Present: CCllr D Blair (Chair), CCllr V Lundie, CCllr P Perman, CCllr J Phillips, CCllr J Stewart, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Woods, CCllr D Cochrane, Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr A Hill, Cllr Marshall, PC Jamie Hutcheson
Apologies: CCllr A Carson, CCllr J Perman, Inspector C Convery.

Item Business
1 Welcome

CCllr Blair welcomed those present and visitors this month from Geddes Consulting.

2 Apologises

As noted above.

3 Visitors

Representatives from Geddes Consulting, Stuart Salter and Martin Schlector. The North Ayrshire Local Development Plan is currently out for consultation until 29 June 2018. This is the new development strategy for the local council area. This identified housing sites, economic sites and other matters to do with planning. If our Community Council is seeking to make representation regarding this then Neil McIIvaney, Council Officer via the local representation form which can be downloaded.  As part of the local development plan a potential site has been identified in Largs in the Brisbane Glen are. Stuart covered the site layout (present and projected) along with a detailed report. Potential development would allow for 95 houses in total and would be a mixture of affordable, bungalows, amenity and townhouses.  CCllr Blair expressed concern at this being identified as a flood area. Stuart advised that a framework has been laid down as to where can and can’t be developed, consulting with the floods team. There will be limited/no affect and will in fact alleviate any current flood issues. There will be a bridge over a flood plain.  Martin advised that any development would be subject to a detailed planning application at which time quantities and types would be looked at again.
CCllr Blair and member of public Robert Brown both expressed concern at lack of public transport to that area and in particular the local bus doesn’t run on a Sunday.  Stuart noted this concern.  An area has been allocated for service providers within the development.
Cllr Murdoch advised that there would be a possible additional entrance.
Cllr Marshall advised that regarding the access for public transport, council policy indicates 400m for bus stop distance. This is 1 of 10 sites that have been identified.  The housing market for this area has identified small units as opposed large 4/5 bedroom homes.  Demographics are changing.
CCllr P Perman added that she is concerned that this lies within CMRP and it is slowly being nibbled away.  When we comment on this we need to consider this fact.

CCllr Blair thanked Stuart and Martin for their time.


4 North Ayrshire Council Report

Cllr Murdoch reported that at the last full council meeting he asked what was the timescale and programme for the implementation of decriminalising parking within North Ayrshire. It was suggested that this would be 18-24mths.  He also asked the NAC implement a full strategic parking and management plan, particularly in Largs, before enforcement begins.

Cllr Hill proposed to increase amount of council meeting. These had previously been decreased. This proposal was taken up.
Cllr Murdoch has been nominated for liaison committee for the Hunterston Decommissioning yard which has been accepted by the council. He is also on the local partnership sub-group for Stress and Anxiety in Young People. CCllr Stewart would be interested in being co-opted onto this group.
Regarding Gallowgate Square, the compound is in the process of being removed.  The car park has been losing revenue as a result of the construction compound.
Over the Bank Holiday there was a lot of mess with the bins on the prom so contacted Head of Service and has managed to get six event bins put in place, also got confirmation that there will be twilight shifts at weekends and Bank Holidays.  Also looking at other ways of funding more bins. Although the compactor bins were successful the issue is with cost, approx. £6k each. The event bins being approx. £100 and existing seagull proof bins in region of £500.
Mr Clark’s planning application for use of additional prom space was passed.
Regarding the Local Development Plan, both he and Cllr Hill objected due to flooding.
Follow up about the rubbish at mouth of Gogo Burn, the member of public that was collecting this rubbish has reported that he has picked up in excess of 300 sanitary pads over a 5 day spell.  This has been reported to environmental health and they have got Scottish water and SEPA investigating where these have come from.
The ‘missing’ bollard on the prom is back in place.
Regarding parking, Cllr Murdoch has managed to get other 3 members to agree to run a pilot scheme on the parking marshal idea.
Cllr Marshall report that with regard to the bins in Seamore Street, there are 2 plans to resolve this issue, so hopefully over next couple of weeks there should be a solution to this.
Cllr Murdoch has confirmed that the bins from Gallowgate Square will be located behind the flats of the residents and the commercial bins will be located behind their properties.  There will be no bins in the square except public bins.

CCllr P Perman emailed Cllr Hill after the busy first Bank Holiday for follow up on previous discussion on compactor bins, to which he responded that they are looking into it and possibly using funds from the car park fund.

CCllr Blair mentioned that we could apply for grants or other funding to cover these costs. He also enquired if it is the intention of NAC to use up the common good funds till there is zero.  Cllr Marshall stated that this suggestion came about from the council wanting to use the funds to pay for the maintenance of Douglas Park, about £35k a year, so over period of time they would be all used.  Cllr Murdoch stated that they are looking at ways to prevent that happening.
CCllr Cochrane sought assurance that the Largs Common Good Fund is separate to and will not be augmented with the Car Park Fund.  Cllrs Murdoch and Marshall confirmed that is correct. The car park fund can only fund certain projects.  CCllr Adair asked how much the car park fund brings in, Cllr Murdoch responded in the region of £190K/year.


5 Minutes of Meeting of  19 April 2018

Proposed CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Adair


6 Matters Arising from Minutes

CCllr Blair advised that further to the Crematorium he has written to thank Jeremy and his team for our visit.  They are still finishing touches to be done, screening, landscaping etc. It is due to open at the end of May and feels it will be beneficial to the town of Largs and surrounding area, reducing travel time.
There will be further discussion with members regarding how we move forward regarding our FOI request regarding Douglas Park.

CCllr Woods reported that she had attended the local community planning meeting, which had to be abandoned as nobody could get into the hall after 3/4hr of waiting.


7 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

Email from Melanie Anderson, NAC regarding updated date protection and what information is help and available to other groups etc.  Secretary to collate responses from members to advise NAC.
Clyde Muirshield Regional Park meeting tomorrow, which CCllr P Perman unable to attend if anybody else available at 10-12pm tomorrow in Paisley.  Unfortunately nobody able to.

CCllr Blair advised that having attended the recent forum there was a debate/discussion about setting up a voluntary group of Friends of CMRP to help and assist the park meeting its aims. To help raise funds, to aid and support the people that work for the park given that some local authorities have cut their funds to the regional park.  This was to form part of the discussion at tomorrow’s meeting.  If we are supportive of this, then CCllr Blair will emailed to advise this and send our apologises.  We would be supportive of formation of this group.

CCllr Lundie mentioned that when we responded to planning for the crematorium will simply advised that we had no objections, whereas other groups put a few words as to why they supported it.  Perhaps this is something we should do when responding to applications for planning or licensing, maybe a few words as to why we support an application.

CCllr P Perman enquired about the planning conditions of crematorium, specifically the bus stops, should they have been layby rather than just a stop at the roadside, thus preventing the near miss incidents experienced by CCllr Blair and discussed earlier.


8 Treasurer’s Report

Given Anne’s absence at short notice we do not have figures to report.

CCllr Blair received apology from SSE for delay in top up funds for micro grants. We didn’t want to issue any cheques until we had all the funds in place.


9 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – as reported by PC Hutcheson. See attached report. CCllr Woods reiterated that the persons involved in the violent assault is not local persons. PC Hutcheson confirmed that there had been bus loads from outside Largs. The anti-social behaviour at the shelter on the prom was from adults and not youths or kids.
CCllr P Perman enquired about speed signage along Irvine Road. Largs has a lack of these compared to the likes of Skelmorlie. Who instigates the provision of signs? During a survey on this stretch, it was identified that average speed was approx. 45mph.  There is also a need for ‘weak bridge’ signs on May Street.  PC Hutcheson advised that Police Scotland can initiate this request with Transerve.
CCllr Blair expressed concern about the positioning of the bus stop on the A760 at the new crematorium.  Perhaps some signage or the positioning of the bus stop should be reconsidered.  He also expressed concern at the speed of motorbikes on this same stretch, particularly on the nice evenings.
Cllr Marshall advised that with regard to the speed signage in Skelmorlie that took a long time to get in place, and advised that we should start some action on this, starting with Transport Scotland.

b.    Licensing– Application from The Anchor Bar to place table and chairs (max 40 persons) at their gable end, on Gallowgate Square.  CCllr Woods expressed concern that the Square is slowly being consumed with tables and chairs between The Room, Post Office and The Anchor.  Previously part of the planning application for these same premises is that should the Square be needed for an event then the tables and chair are to be withdrawn.  CCllr P Perman asked if it was conditional that plastic glasses be used.  CCllr Wood and Cllr Hill both confirmed this to be the case.  LCC response – CCllr Wood proposed no objections but with condition of plastic glasses being enforced, 2nd CCllr Lundie.

c.       Planning- no new applications. Previous applications from The Anchor Bar and The Post Office are still pending.

d.    Environment- CCllr P Perman updated that further to our ‘Dog Poo Flagging’ last year she has had a walk over this area and it doesn’t seem to be as bad now.  Street Scene have also stated that once the grass cutting gets under way and it is kept shorter there is less mess.
With regard to beach clean ups, there appears to be more groups involved in this area.  CCllr Blair commented that it’s nice that others have followed our example.
No update regarding the forestry project.
CCllr Blair mentioned the Hunterston Liaison Sub Group and that Fairlie, West Kilbride and Cumbrae Community Councils have been invited onto this group. Why haven’t Largs?   Cllr Marshall confirmed that Largs Community Council did not object to the decommissioning proposals for Hunterston.  CCllr Blair asked why this should exclude us. Cllr Marshall confirmed that this was a decision taken by planning department to invite the nearest community councils that did object.  The planning committee decided that to resolve any issues in the future it would set up a liaison committee to comprise of the developers (as yet unknown), 3 Community Councils that did object, 2 Councillors.  CCllr Cochrane state that if you are consulted about it, and just because you have not objected, that should not exclude you from any future consultations.  Cllr Marshall stated that we will be consulted in the future because there will be a planning application submitted.  It was noted that with regard to the SSE grants, Fairlie, West Kilbride and Cumbrae all objected to it but are happy to accept the monies.

e.       Transportation– CCllr Adair reported that the parking petition goes into NAC tomorrow (18/05/2018).  He mentioned that some of the residents are seeking legal advice. They have holiday homes and have had bookings cancelled due to the parking, or lack of, as repeat customers have had parking tickets and so have cancelled.

f.     Social Media– Facebook/Twitter message received regarding the no right turn into shore carpark. It’s not very clear and causing confusion and hold ups.  Cllr Murdoch stated that he will try to follow this up.

10 A.O.C.B. – CCllr P Perman raised the issue that one of the concerns about the demolition of the Douglas Park Shelter would result in youths moving to Anderson Park, and this is exactly what has happened. The residents have experienced loud music, broken bottles and cans being thrown into their gardens.  Cllr Marshall stated that nobody had raised this issue but that if they do he will take action. It is a police matter and that the issue with Douglas Park was that for over 20 years then Police couldn’t deal with it.

Cllr Marshall confirmed that further to our earlier raised issue about the bus stop adjacent to the crematorium, he has checked and there should be a layby as opposed to a cut out.
CCllr Blair brought to our attention that the Viking Festival Parade will be on 1 September, they are hoping for more community participation.

11 Date of Next Meeting – 21 June 2018

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