April Minutes – 2019

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Approved Minutes
Thursday 18 April 2019 at 7pm at Largs Library

Present: CCllr A Carson (Chair), CCllr V Lundie (Secretary), CCllr P Perman (Treasurer), CCllr L Smith, CCllr A Kelly, CCllr J Perman, CCllr J Stewart, CCllr K Murray, CCllr M Wood, CCllr A Adair, Cllr T Marshall, Cllr I Murdoch
Apologies: CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr J Phillips

Item Business
1 Welcome

Chair welcomed all those in attendance.

2 Apologises

As noted above

3 North Ayrshire Council Report

Last month we raised the issue regarding the derelict cottage in Gallowgate Square, Cllr Murdoch has raised this with planning department and he is currently waiting for a written response.  Members of the public had also raised concerns about a skip being present in a loading bay at Gallowgate Square.  He clarified that it is not a loading bay but is in fact just an area with double yellows, so there should be no parking at all. Skip has since been removed.
Cllr Murdoch advised that Gateside St is due to be resurfaced this year, perhaps August time. Nelson St is not currently on the programme and he is going to ask for this to be reconsidered.  Allanpark St is due to be done at the same time as Gateside St.  Also a few stretches on the Brisbane Glen due to be done this year.  The new compactor bins are now in place on the prom. The parking marshals are back on duty and the extra festival bins are in place. The resurfacing of A78 between Largs and Skelmorlie is now complete and should last 10-12 years.  The resurfacing of A78 through Fairlie is due Sept-Oct time and this will mean road closures for weeks as several issues to be considered in this project.
The Hunterston Park Master Plan consultation is due soon and urges the people of Largs to attend. Date to be confirmed.
Tron Place will be closed from 8 -12 May for street lighting installation.Frazer St will be closed 3-7 May for street lighting works.
Cllr Marshall advised that the Hunterston Master Plan representatives will be visiting Fairlie on 4 June, Largs 5 June and Cumbrae 6 June.

Cllr Marshall advises that at the next planning meeting it is proposed to issue a planning enforcement order to the site on Bath St to tidy it up. The issue with this site is that there are multiple owners.
CCllr Adair enquired if the double yellow lines are to be reinstated along Markerston Place due to the congestion that occurs. Both Cllrs Marshall and Murdoch advised these will not and they do not feel there is an issue.

CCllr Stewart advised that the chevrons outside the Pound Basket are repeatedly being parked on and causing a hazard as traffic has to pull out beyond the junction for a clear view. An accident waiting to happen.  CCllr Carson advised to take a photo and report to local police.
CCllr P Perman raised concern about the ‘Costa’ cup advert at local filling station.  CCllr Wood will take these forward to the police.
CCllrs Wood and P Perman praised Street Scene for their prompt attention to cleaning up car park in Gateside St.

4 Minutes of Meeting of  21 March 2019

Approved CCllr M Wood, 2nd CCllr A Kelly

5 Matters Arising from Minutes

No matter arising, will be covered under individual topics

6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence and Social Media

Majority of correspondence is by way of emails, in particular invitations from NAC.  All emails already forwarded to all members but to summarise:

-Food Event Sat 8/6/19
-Road Network survey
-CC Website, celebrating the works of Community Councils.
– CC Forum meeting 24/04/19, venue TBA

– Pre-Consultation re Clyde Regional Marine Plan, now open until 27/05/19

– Pan Ayrshire CC Conference Sat 11/05/19, 10-3, Saltcoats Town Hall.  CCllr Carson confirmed as attending, please advise is any others wish to attend.


CCllr Carson received phone call from member of public concerning gentlemen standing outstanding The Three Reasons and being verbally abusive towards a female. The MOP has reported it to the police and spoke to the Licensee of the premises. CCllr Wood will follow this up with police.


Social Media – no contact received other than apologises from Roz Fallon, who has rescheduled for next month’s meeting.

CCllr Carson feels we need some help with our social media platform.  CCllr Stewart advised that the website is very rarely viewed, with Facebook being the more popular option.  She also feels that perhaps ‘twitter’ would be a good option. CCllr Carson confirms that license for website has been renewed for a further 12mths, but during this time we should aim to set up alternative platforms that are more popular. CCllr P Perman questions the point of the webpage given it takes up a third of our annual budget.


8 Treasurer’s Report

Project fund balance confirmed as £724.07 and Admin fund balance confirmed as £206.37
Approved CCllr Carson, 2nd CCllr Lundie

9 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – reported by CCllr M Wood given absence of police representative tonight. (See attached).  CCllr Wood can also confirm that we will have a new Community Council Police Officer soon.

Cllr Marshall confirmed that he had called the police on Sunday 7 April to report 30 -35 youths at the toilet block at the Pencil, then two nights later they were vandalised again.
Cllr Murdoch advised that the police responded quickly to the first occasion of vandalism at the Pencil shelter. He has proposed some anti-vandalism options, e.g., having the doors and windows clad in steel with vinyl wraps for appearance. Not sure if it is possible, and not sure where funds would come from to do this.
CCllr Carson advised that this should be a joint approach with the local Police to try to identify the youths concerned with a view to approaching the parents.
CCllr Carson asked each in attendance what their thoughts are regarding the youths, drinking, etc. Variety of opinions including a lack of activities for the youths, e.g. U18 disco/club, underage drinking is a lot of the problem, we will never stop underage drinking, engage Police help to control underage drinking, Helter Skelter was too regimented. We should include the parents, if we engage with the youngsters early enough it give them a sense of pride in their community. Activities are on offer just now but youngsters just want to hang about.  Parental input and time is vital.  Perhaps we should engage help of youth workers at NAC. Cllr Marshall advised that there is a report from youth workers via the North Coast Locality Meeting advising of a proposed youth club in Skelmorlie; perhaps we could engage their assistance.

b.    Licensing- none.

c.    Planning- Application from RBS for new signage.

d.    Environment- CCllr Perman cancelled the proposed beach clean as another group had also arranged one for the following weekend.  She now proposes to do a plastic ‘nurddle’ study. She has been in touch with the Field Station in Millport for guidance on what and how to monitor. With regard to the local flower bed planting this year Helen Miller has confirmed that the beds along the shore front and at Sandringham will be planted.  CCllr Perman proposes that LCC arrange for planting of the bed at the end of Gogoside Road, as this is what greats visitors when coming into town. 2nd CCllr Wood.
CCllr Perman confirmed that the litter pick arranged with the local primary children will be taking place on 16 May.  CCllr Murray advised she would be able to take photos of the event.

e.    Transportation– CCllr Adair has received complaints from residents of Millennium Court about a caravan that had pitched up in the Vikingar carpark for a number of days. Police were unaware of this. The van has now moved on.  CCllr also received complaints from concerned visitors regarding cyclists on the pavements forcing pedestrians to leave the pavements.  The prom is however, a shared space, but pavements are for pedestrians. CCllr Smith says this is particularly bad around the school.  If they would just use a bell!
Cllr Marshall has asked officers who are dealing with the decriminalisation of parking if they can bring in some rules for the parking of campervans, which is particularly bad in Millport. Perhaps a designated area for them.

10 A.O.C.B.– CCllr Murray thanked CCllr J Perman for the information regarding obtaining funding from the charitable trust and she has passed this on to the local food bank.
11 Date of Next Meeting –  16 May 2019

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