June Minutes – 2019

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Approved Minutes
20 June 2019, at 7pm at Largs Library


Present:  CCllr A Carson (Chair), CCllr P Perman (Treasurer), CCllr J Stewart, CCllr A Adair, CCllr J Perman, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr J Phillips, Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr Marshall, Cllr A Hill, Sgt S Kerr

Apologies: CCllr V Lundie (Secretary), CCllr L Smith, CCllr K Murray, CCllr M Wood,

Item Business
1 Welcome

CCllr Carson (Chair) welcomed all members and members of the public

2 Apologies

As noted above

3 North Ayrshire Council Report

Cllr Marshall advised that NAC is having meeting tomorrow to appoint two new directors one of which is Director of Place.
SSG Hunterston have advised the ONR have not requested any further information in relation to reactor 4 and a decision regarding switching back on is expected by end of July 2019.  A decision for reactor 3 will be made in October 2019.
At yesterday’s planning meeting it was revealed that NAC Planning Department are the best performing planning department in Scotland with regards to turning around applications and engaging with the public.
Cllr Hill advised that LCC’s application for funding for the outdoor gym was successful and has been agreed. Also in the pipeline is to have a full adult changing place, along with general upgrade of the public toilets on the shore front, once costings have been finalised.  It is intended for this work to commence in July.  Also being considered is request for specific play equipment at Makerston for children with disabilities.
CCllr P Perman asked about the parking proposals for Gateside St. Cllr Hill advised that it is intended to be pay and display; however an arrangement to be agreed regarding residents permits given the lack of parking in this area. Cllr Hill was also able to confirm that NAC have agreed to purchase the piece of ground behind The Lounge for parking.
CCllr Adair raised the issue of residents permit parking for Sandringham area. Cllr Hill advised this would be looked at when the decriminalisation of parking is planned which could be a further 18 months.  Any plans will go out to public consultation.
Cllr Murdoch advised that NAC held meeting ONR (Office of Nuclear Regulator) during which they discussed the issues of reactors 3 and 4 at Hunterston. During the following SSG meeting there was a request to ONR to increase the permitted limit of cracked bricks from 350 to 700 Various opinions expressed including concern that given the short life left for operating why restart these reactors.  Cllr Marshall and CCllr Cochrane both expressed their thoughts that ONR are the experts and we should be guided by them when making their descion to restart these reactors. Polar opinions were expressed as to whether reactors are safe or not to restart.
CCllr Murdoch reported that at recent Locality Partnership meeting (12 June 2019), funding was granted to the Millport Town Hall (£100k), subject to the balance of monies being raised.  At planning meeting (19 June 2019) he raised concerns regarding the Hunterston Masterplan relating to gas storage. Planning Committee recommended against this storage as this time. On 24 June 2019 councillors will be attending the ‘ground breaking’ of the new housing development in Flatt Road. Cllr Murdoch today attended a meeting with Peel Ports and it was agreed that the liaison group would cover the whole of the Masterplan site and not just the decommission site. He raised concerns that neither Largs nor West Kilbride, the two highest populated towns in this area, had not had a consultation event.

4 Minutes of Meeting of  16 May 2019

Approved  CCllr D Cochrane, 2nd CCllr J Philips

5 Matters Arising from Minutes

Actions from previous meeting – Item 9 B, Licensing – CCllr Lundie reported we missed the cut off date, it had already passed prior to out May meeting (18/05/19) and would have had to be made in writing.  This was the application that hadn’t been sent to CCllr Wood, although she did say that she intended to attend the licensing hearing to give verbal support of this application.  Can’t understand why NAC like doing everything by email, except for licensing.  Secretary will work with CCllr Wood for all future responses.
Action – Item 9D, cheques issued by treasurer.
Action – Item 9D, Chair to agree to meeting with Tilhil, meeting has been postponed.

6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence and Social Media

Apologises from Secretary. Report submitted advising that no written correspondence this month and that any emails received have been circulated for information only.
CCllr Stewart advises that with our social media side the web page is very little used other than posting of the minutes. So, if we want any information/events posted please advise CCllr Stewart.

7 Treasurer’s Report

Admin A/C £724.07, Project A/C £724.07  Proposed CCllr Adair, 2nd CCllr J Perman
CCllr Carson would like to be able to issue micro grants again. We will need to explore ways of seeking further funding to allow us to do this.

8 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – Reported by Sgt S Kerr (see attached). Youth initiative now launched, involving KA Leisure with activities, PC MacKinnon has returned.  End of session tournament fun day and football match etc.  CCllr Cochrane asked about location of portable football pitch. Sgt Kerr advised that there will be various locations, ideally using problematic areas and aimed towards 13-16yrs.
CCllr Carson asked what the current situation is in relation to vandalism in Douglas Park. Sgt Kerr responded that there has not been any official reporting of any incidents, although they were aware that it has been mentioned on Facebook. Police did visit park today and spoke to staff who said they were unable to determine whether any of the issues mentioned were new or from previous incidents.  CCllr P Perman visited Douglas Park today and agreed that didn’t appear to look any different or to be new incidents. Cllr Murdoch said he felt that there had been misinformation on Facebook relating to the park.
CCllr J Perman gave feedback on FOI request (minuted Feb, item) in relation to quote in L&M news from Cllr Gallacher.  Reply received confirmed that it was one meeting that took place in Douglas Park itself on 14 December 2017 at 2pm, two members of StreetScene along with the elected councillors were present and there are no minutes of this meeting. CCllr Perman questioned the fact that Cllr’s informed us that no meeting had taken place. Cllr Murdoch advised that he has covered this already advising that they discussed ways to cut the costs of maintaining Douglas Park, eg reduced grass cutting as these costs would be charged to Largs Common Good Fund. Cllr Hill clarified that there has been no meeting to discuss a replacement for the shelter. The meeting in December was in relation to the maintenance of the park and these costs being charged to Largs Common Good Fund.  Cllr Murdoch has been approached by the Cycling without Age group to request upgrade of the pathway through Douglas Park as this route is used to pick up residents of Haylie House.
Cllr Marshall confirmed that at a meeting in February 2019 it was agreed that the flower beds at the rear of the pond area would be turfed over with the beds at the front being retained. Also that grass cutting would be relaxed for the area at the tennis courts.  Costings would be revised.  Previous costs for park maintenance were approx. £35K.
CCllr Carson had hoped to have CCTV installed at the park.  Sgt Kerr advised that there are legal implications with this. Cllrs have suggested that robust group be formed, and NAC would assist with this and costs from Common Good Fund.
ACTION – CCllr Carson to arrange meeting for further discussion re suggested action plan for Douglas Park.


b.    Licensing – None

c.    Planning – None

d.    Environment – Letters of thank you from Schools for our donation to their eco groups. Regarding our intention to adopt a flower bed, we now have an application form to complete to allow us to proceed.  Cllr Murdoch advised that he has arranged for Allan Peddie to meet with Thomas Reeney of StreetScene on 3 July 2019 to discuss ways that NAC can help/assist with environmental issues.

e.    Transportation – None


9 A.O.C.B. – Kiko Plastic beach Clean organised for 24 June 2019 5-7pm, we have promoted this and reposted on our facebook page as have other local pages.
CCllr Carson advised that further to the proposed launch of The Living Room, CCllr Smith has been confirmed as our representative and will assist in the running of this; she has previous experience in this field in that she worked for Citizens Advise for a number of years.
CCllr Cochrane has been approached by a few people expressing concern about the quality of the local tap water. Is this something we should raise with Scottish Water? It seems to be that there is excess chlorine in the water.  CCllr Carson advised we would need evidence if we were to raise this.
CCllr Murdoch confirmed that two of the new compactor bins have been placed in more suitable locations, and to date there has been no issues with litter at these locations.
10 Date of Next Meeting – 18 July 2019

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