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19 July 2018 at 7pm at Largs Library

Present: CCllr V Lundie, CCllr A Carson, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr P Perman, CCllr J Perman, CCllr A Adair, CCllr J Phillips, CCllr M Woods, Cllr I Murdoch, PC Hutchison (Police Scotland)
Apologies: CCllr Blair

Item Business
1 Welcome

Acting Chair for this meeting CCllr Lundie welcomed members.

2 Apologises

As noted above.

3 North Ayrshire Council Report

Reported by Cllr Murdoch – follow up regarding Routenburn Golf Course, George Mitchell, head of NAC Leisure, inspected the course and had meeting with members of Routenburn Committee, which was productive, and things are moving on.  It is in good condition considering its category (5A) compared to those of private courses.   Parking Marshals have been introduced and working reasonably well. There are 3 marshals at the moment and Cllr Murdoch would like to see this number increase over time, particularly directing drivers before they arrive at the seafront car park. CCllr Lundie asked if it was possible to promote this scheme just as vehicles arrive at the outskirts of the town.  He will be asking for this. The marshals operate between 11am and 3pm.  CCllr Adair advised that cars continue to park on double yellow lines.  At the moment this is a matter for the Police, however eventually parking will be decriminalised.
There was a full council meeting at end of June at which Cllr Murdoch raised the question about the traffic on and possible crossing on Moorburn Road. Whilst there are less pedestrians crossing Moorburn Road than crossing at the school, the traffic is much faster and feels there is potentially an accident waiting to happen. He is going to continue to push this issue. He also asked for compensation for delay in removing compound on shore car park. This was rejected.  He also enquired about the lack of an EIA for the proposed decommissioning yard at Hunterston. He is still awaiting a response on this. NAC did advise that an EIA will be required for each individual rig. He advised of forthcoming consultation in Fairlie Village Hall about this project.  CCllr P Perman pointed out that the commercial bins are still in situ on the front.  Cllr Murdoch advised that plans had been drawn up for their relocation; however there were errors in these and are being amended, so still ongoing.  He is not happy at the time this has taken to implement. CCllr Perman also advised that cars continue to park in bus bay in Bath Street preventing traffic from freely passing. What can we do about this? Cllr Murdoch responded that again this is a police matter. However given that the ferry que has been extended he would have expected that the bus stop be removed or moved.  The bus cannot get into stop and creates gridlock.  CCllr Woods will raise this with police.  CCllr Perman has received complaints from residents of Gallowgate Sq regarding the continuing drinking beyond the 8pm restriction. Why is this licensing condition not being enforced?  Cllr Murdoch advised that clarity is requiredabout planning conditions and licensing conditions.  CCllr Wood advised she will raise this with police.   CCllr J Perman advised that Room has also had a drinks cooler dumped outside for a few weeks now. When approached the owner advised that he had been let down by a scrappy!  This item requires specialist removal. Also the conditions for The Anchor and Post Office states are that the seating area permitted operating times are 11am-8pm for The Anchor and 8.30am-5.30pm for the Post Office.  The seating along with any associated posts should be removed from the footway out with these hours and at all times when the premises are closed to customers. Should this apply to The Room? In our response to recent planning application from The Room we stipulated that conditions should be equal to all businesses in this area.  Cllr Murdoch clarified what area is covered by this recent planning application.  If and when the application is granted then certain conditions would have to be met.  CCllr Perman confirmed, with appropriate plans that the only piece of the square that is owned by The Room is immediately in front of the red sandstone premises.  The main concern is licensing times given this is also a residential area.
CCllr Lundie asked Cllr Murdoch if he could take forward and action to have the discarded items in Bellemans Close removed. Items such as broken parasols, bins, tables, chairs etc.  This is unsightly for anyone coming up Bellmans Close.  He agreed he would.

4 Minutes of Meeting of 21 June 2018

No amendments. Approved CCllr Adair, 2nd CCllr Woods

5 Matters Arising from Minutes

CCllr Adair asked about issue raised under June’s NAC report, who is responsible for pollution of Gogo Burn into the sea. Cllr Murdoch advised that he had taken this forward to NAC Environmental Health, which had then involved SEPA and Scottish Water.   Cllr Murdoch will chase this up as he has had no feedback yet.

6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

Letter of complaint lodged with NAC on 15 June and despite requesting this to be acknowledged, it hasn’t. Nor have we had any response.  This is in breach of their own standards of responding within 20 working days (16 July). How do we wish to proceed? We are entitled to now go forward to Public Services Ombudsman.  General consensus is that we should give them a reminder.
Further to our letter to NAC planning department regarding the bus stop positioning and lack of lay by, received a response advising that they have carried out a site visit and feel that what is in place is satisfactory and therefore no action will be taken.
Cllr Murdoch had raised with roads department a road safety issue with the entry/exit of crematorium, suggesting double solid white line.  Traffic Police have inspected the stretch of road and do not feel that is necessary.
Email from NAC about North Coast and Cumbrae Locality Partnership having vacancies for community representatives, should anyone wish to take up this position.  This has been emailed to all members.

Email from NAC regarding Young Volunteers Week for persons aged 8-25, if members know of and wish to nominate. Again this had been distributed to all members.

CCllr Carson advised of post received via our Facebook page regarding a meeting for ‘Cycling Without Age’, Fairlie Community Gardens has arranged this, if any member interested in attending.

Also received from member of public residing in Auchenmaid Drive, regarding the demolition of former St. Marys Primary.  Surrounding residents feel that they had not been advised of the demolition or not been kept informed despite numerous leaflets from NAC and Mactaggarts advising they would be.  They feel the site is not being kept well managed; no warning signs and not fully secure. They are concerned as youths are entering the site. Having contacted Mactaggarts, they were advised that they are not responsible for this site. Who should they contact? Cllr Murdoch advised that he will raise this tomorrow with NAC as he has had several complaints regarding the same.

7 Treasurer’s Report

No change since last reported.  Project A/C £2844.07 and Current A/C £213.87.  Approved CCllr Woods, 2nd CCllr Adair.
CCllr Cochrane asked for clarification as to what the project account is used for.  CCllr Carson responded that it is the funds that we received from SSE which is then used for the micro grants.  CCllr Cochrane asked if we already have sufficient funds to cover the micro grants then could we cover them just now despite still waiting for the further funds from SSE.  CCllr Cochrane proposed we move forward with this, 2nd CCllr Adair. All in agreement.

8 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – As reported by PC Hutchison (see attached report).  CCllr Carson advised that she has again been approach by residents of Bowen Craig regarding the former nursing home as youths continue to congregate. PC Hutchison confirmed that they have spoken to the residents yesterday regarding this. Having visited the premises, the youths scarpered leaving their possessions behind including bikes etc. which were seized.  The youths eventually appeared at Police station to claim their items, at which time they were returned to their parents. They were mischievous and intrigued by the empty building.
CCllr Phillips again raised the bad parking on bend at top of Holehouse Road. He nearly had a head on and asked for this to be addressed with the vehicle owners.
Cllr Murdoch enquired if they had received any calls regarding vacant property on Irvine Road.  Police have had calls to which they attended to discover the summerhouse had been broken into and it has now been boarded up.  Cllr Murdoch advised that with effect from tonight the Queens Hotel is being boarded up, apparently for refurbishment, but this is very sudden.

b.    Licensing – No new application.

c.    Planning- No new applications.

d.    Environment – CCllr P Perman reported that on 22 June she carried out litter picking with local Primary 5 school kids.  It was good to see a reduction in litter, this possibly due to other groups also carrying out pick-ups and the increased number of bins on the prom.  CCllr Perman also wanted to thank Cllr Murdoch for providing the equipment at very short notice.  CCllr Perman proposed that we, as we have done in previous years, donate £20 to the school Environmental Group. 2nd CCllr Adair. Also well done to Anne Carson and the Largs Community Garden members for the beautiful Viking Garden at Largs train station.  Having contacted the Viking Festival secretary inviting them to come and see how the garden could be tied into the festival somehow, perhaps have story telling in the garden or handing out leaflets as passengers disembark at the station, Anne was disappointed with the response and will try contacting other members of the committee.
CCllr Lundie encountered a large group of kids (40-50) coming off the hill today.  From their topic of conversation it was clear that these youths are from out of town. Which makes her wonder what state of rubbish has been left behind. Cllr Murdoch has been asked about placing a bin in the vicinity along with some signage which may encourage some of those to bring their rubbish back down with them.  He will approach StreetScene regarding this.

e.    Transportation – CCllr Adair advised that further to complaints about motorhomes parking for long periods of time, NAC are now going to place ‘No overnight parking’ signs in Sandringham and Union Street. CCllr Adair feels that this problem is happening on a regular basis.  Cllr Murdoch confirmed that once parking is decriminalised there will be lots of changes in this regard, and continues to look at other alternatives.

f.     Social Media – as reported under correspondence.

9 A.O.C.B. – CCllr Phillips asked if we were aware of what was going into the former Sheiling.  As yet we are unaware; the recent planning was for non specific refurbishment and general upgrading works.
CCllr Carson commented on the fact that we have empty shops in the town and for the relatively small cost of posters or window decals, could we assist in some way to brighten up the window areas.  Calum Coral (Largs & Millport Weekly News) commented on a programme he viewed about trying to bring the community back into the town centre, regenerating it. CCllr P Perman suggested the idea of ‘pop-up shops’.
Cllr Murdoch advised that Largs Events was looking at the possibility of taking on the Yuletide evening; it would be a shame if this was not able to happen.Finally, CCllr Lundie asked members to seriously think about possible replacement members.
10 Date of Next Meeting – 16 August 2018

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