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Approved Minutes
Thursday 17 January 2019 at 7pm at Largs Library


Present: CCllr A Carson, CCllr V Lundie, CCllr M Wood, CCllr A Adair, CCllr J Phillips, CCllr J Perman, CCllr P Perman, CCllr K Murray, CCllr J Stewart, Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr A Hill.

Apologies: CCllr D Cochrane, Cllr T Marshall

Item Business
1 Welcome

Chair welcomed

2 Apologises

As noted above

3 NAC Waste Management Team

Presentation given by Lindy from NAC Waste Management Team.  In April all households will see the introduction of a new purple recycling bin.  All recycled materials will be split between the blue (paper and card) and the purple (glass, cans and plastic). Grey, blue and purple will go onto a three week collections and the brown will remain fortnightly.  The main reasons for this introduction are the Scottish Government’s targets and the household waste charges. The current level of waste being recycled is 55%, with a 2020 target of 60%, waste going for energy recovery is 3% with 2020 target of 25% and going to landfill is 42%  with 2020 target of 15%.
Lindy cover the key drivers for this change being:

·         Waste Hierarchy

·         Scottish Government Charter

·         Current Waste arrangements

·         Waste That We Manage (80% is household)

·         Residual Waste

NAC are promoting various ways of cutting down on our waste including, “stop the drop”(junk mail), the real nappy scheme, school presentations, composting facility on Arran, deposit return scheme (2021), arrangement with Cunninghame Furniture Recycling, WARPIT scheme (office furniture recycling)

A pilot scheme was run in Seamore Street, purple bins already in situ.

The landfill at Shewalton closed last year so NAC currently have an interim contract in place. With effect from December 2019 there will be new contract with Clyde Valley Residual Waste Partnership, whereby all residual waste will be taken to treatment centre at Bargeddie to be separated with further waste being transported to another facility at Dunbar where it will be converted into power and energy.

CCllr P Perman asked if every property would be issued with a purple bin. Basically, yes.  In the case of flats or inadequate storage space then residents can arrange for communal bins or bins can be swapped with existing bins. If this is going to be an issue then please phone to make arrangements. The trial in Seamore Street has worked very well.  CCllr P Perman felt that somewhere like Sandringham would have been a better location for the trial where there are far more flats.

CCllr J Perman asked about the energy, pollution and any contamination effects of the involvement of heavy vehicles collecting and transporting to Bargeddie and Dunbar. Lindy advised that she does not have figures for those details. It will be a commercial operator that carries out this and not the local bin lorries.

4 North Ayrshire Council Report

Any items have been cover under other items.  CCllr Wood brought up the state of the pond in Douglas Park; it is covered in green slime. Whilst out walking with her pup, it had slipped into the pond and was then violently sick. It was disgusting, with pup needing washed more than once. She feels that it could be fatal to animals. She asked that this be dealt with.
CCllr P Perman pointed out that the brown bin (20/12/2018, item 3) is still in location of seafront carpark.  Cllr Murdoch was assured that this would be moved after collection day and will chase this up. CCllr Perman was also shocked a number of years ago to learn that StreetScene staff shadowed the school kids at lunch time picking up the litter as they went. Is this still the case? Cllr Murdoch advised that he didn’t believe this to be the case.  There are staff who empty all the public bins first thing, then return in the afternoon to do a litter pick and further bin empty.  The litter has lessened as the kids do not come into the town as much now.
Cllr Murdoch touched on the fly tipping at the Blair Park/Halkshill area, wasting Fire and Police time. He would encourage people if you are paying for rubbish removal asks for a receipt and sight of their Waste Carrier Licence.
Cllr Murdoch advises of a new initiative driven by businesses, Scottish Government and NAC. It is five areas of travel route to bring in more people using the Clyde as a tourist attraction.
He has been approached by people about how they object to planning application. Commenting on Facebook makes no difference they need to formally object to NAC. He is asking if that perhaps we can put a link or advice how to object on our page.
MOP – John Knowles agreed with this point, he feels that people don’t know until it is too late to object.
CCllr Kelly advised that regarding the trees in Seamore, George and John Clark Street, she has had no update. Cllr Murdoch will chase this up with Thomas Reeney. (NAC).

5 Minutes of Meeting of  20 December 2018

Approved CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Stewart

6 Matters Arising from Minutes

Cllr Hill raised item reported (item 3) regarding the proposed decommissioning site at Hunterston. He suggested that we should arrange to meet with Friends of Firth of Clyde group who would be able to inform us about the process to date in greater depth. CCllr Carson asked if any member had objections to us meeting with FoFoC. No objections.  Cllr Murdoch again expressed grave concern about this process and the lack of the public’s knowledge. Cllr Hill stated that this issue has been perceived as a Fairlie issue, however this will affect the whole of the North Coast area and that the implications are not fully understood.

CCllr J Perman raised item (item 5). Regarding voting by Locality Partnership.  He has asked, and awaiting response from Andrew Fraser as to his question regarding who is culpable for awarding funds (18/03/18) despite NAC Legal Services advising that the application does not meet the criteria, so that he can lodge a formal complaint. Cllr Murdoch advised that he believed a letter was issue to Mr Perman last year regarding the process.  CCllr Perman advised of no letter.

Cllr Hill felt that he had explained the process at our previous meeting and that decision is reached by consensus, if consensus cannot be reached, and it is a financial matter, then the decision is one for the elected members present.

Cllr Murdoch pointed out that it is minuted that CCllr Perman was pursuing this item personally. CCllr Carson agreed there is an overlap but that CCllr Perman will continue to pursue this personally.

CCllr Carson raised issue about waiting times for residents leaving hospital to receiving care arrangements.  Cllr Murdoch responded that the figures at that time were not a true reflection. One reason was that there had been issues with a nursing home in Saltcoats closing down and all resident had to be found immediate alternative care.  Cllr Murdoch agreed he would invite a member of Health and Social Care to cover this topic. Cllr Hill agreed that it would be good to know the process and would be most surprised if Inverclyde Council’s turnaround was as quick as 48hrs.

7 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence and Social Media

We had received an email from Rita Holmes of Fairlie Community Council. It is a copy of her response to an article in the Largs And Millport Weekly News regarding the voting etc on Hunterston Stakeholders group. She felt that this had not been printed in a timely manner and that we should be aware of it as the article had been written by our representative, although from a personal opinion.  This has since been printed and members have seen it.

The final response from NAC to our official complaint regarding handling of Douglas Park issue has been emailed to all members.   CCllr P Perman proposes that we pursue this issue, 2nd CCllr Wood. Unanimous.

List of dates for this year’s meetings issued.
CCllr Stewart reported on Social Media.  Twitter seems to be most popular social media platform amongst the younger generation and Facebook appears to be more popular with over 45’s. We’ll monitor the use of our social platforms.
CCllr Carson introduced member of the public John Knowles, who has expressed an interest in the work of LCC.
CCllr Stewart also reported that she had been unable to meet with Largs Academy in the lead up to Xmas. CCllr Carson asked that she arrange a meeting which she will also attend. CCllr Carson and Stewart feel that we would be able to help with for example Duke of Edinburgh Awards, promoting events and such like.

8 Treasurer’s Report

Current Account balance £451.25.  This includes grant from NAC of £502.81. Given that we still had £117.19 left from last year’s grant, NAC only top it up. CCllr P Perman urged us to use the funds that are available.  If we are out of pocket or attend meeting as representative of LCC then submit an expenses claim. HMRC current authorised amount (<10K miles) is 45p/mile
Project fund balance is £924.07.
Propose CCllr Wood, 2nd CCllr Adair

9 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – as per attached. Main points – Considerable decrease in incidents reported (242 to 173).  Inspector Colin Convery has returned as Inspector for Saltcoats and North Coast & Cumbrae.  Assaults reported did not involve any local persons. Planned crackdown on indiscriminate parking.

b.    Licensing – none

c.    Planning – none

d.    Environment– CCllr P Perman advised of Beach clean ups this year. Saturday 13th April 2019 10am-1pm.  Costa had previously done a clean-up at that time so enquired with them but unable to confirm and dates. This is communicated to them by head office and there is no liaison possible. They just do it when they are told. If dates clash then we will move further along the coast.  It is planned to do one with local school, date still to be confirmed. A further beach clean will be carried out prior to Viking Festival on Saturday 24th August 2019 10am-1pm.   This will be posted on our media sites. We are happy to join up with other groups giving a greater impact. CCllr Wood raised the issue about litter collating in Gateside Street carpark and also the gasworks area.  CCllr Perman will make the necessary contact to arrange tidy up.
CCllr Carson again brought up the state of area behind Wilkes, Bank of Scotland etc.  Cllr Murdoch advised that it is private land and this presents a problem. Fly tipping is an issue there as well. There are more bins now than we’ve had before. CCllr Carson asked if elected members could speak to the businesses.

e.    Transportation – No specific items to report but CCllr Adair asked for clarity on the bus shelter in the main street. Cllr Murdoch clarifies that he has asked for the shelter to be moved to the head of the stop so that the buses move to the further up allowing two buses to be fully accommodated.  If people park in the bus stop this prevents it being used correctly. Until parking rules are enforced it will cause congestion at the bus stop. As previously reported it is the intention to decriminalise parking, hopefully later this year.  Cllr Hill feels that this move to enforce traffic orders could involve parking meters. Cllr Murdoch has asked that this is implemented sympathetically.
CCllr Stewart had asked if there had been any development regarding school contract drivers being allowed the use of the bus lane at the schoolCCllr Wood advised that it may well be covered by the traffic plan that PC Pollard is reviewing along with NAC.
CCllr Carson asked if there had been any update on the issues with traffic at the crematorium. Cllr Murdoch had raised the issue but was advised by NAC that the traffic audit that was carried out last year still stands.

10 A.O.C.B. – During the meeting Cllr Hill had been able to contact FoFoC regarding dates for a meeting. Dates discussed and agreed that LCC would meet with them on Tuesday 22 January, 7pm, Largs Library.

CCllr P Perman states that as a tourist town, we are without a tourist office. She proposes that we approach Scotrail for the kiosk with a view to manning it with volunteers.  CCllr Carson advised that she will contact Scotrail.
CCllr Carson asked about the story in the local press regarding parking.  Cllr Murdoch advised that all four elected members are looking at various areas to develop as car parks. There have, in the past, been several sites looked at and eliminated. There is also the issue of cost, taking vast sums of money to carry out the creation of car park. With the council budgets being so tight now, the Largs Carpark Fund could be used to fund any project. It has been looked at for a number of years. The issue also exists where we may have to sacrifice some green space for parking.
MOP – John Knowles suggested that perhaps first half hour parking at seafront be free to allow shoppers to ‘nip’ in, therefore freeing up the main street and surrounding area.
CCllr Lundie asked if a permit system could be put in place for employees of the local businesses to use the seafront carpark. Cllr Murdoch advised that he is pursing the creation of a trader’s carpark outside the town centre whereby traders can park all day for a small fee. Then decriminalise parking therefore freeing up town centre parking.
Finally, CCllr Carson proposes Linda Smith as co-opted member of LCC, 2nd CCllr Phillips.
CCllr Wood proposes Anita Kelly as co-opted member of LCC, 2nd CCllr Stewart.
CCllr Carson welcomed Linda and Anita onto LCC.

11 Date of Next Meeting – 21 February 2019, 6pm, Largs Academy Performance Area.

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