January Minutes – 2018

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Minutes from the January 2018 Meeting

Largs Community Council

Approved Minutes
18 January 2018 at 7pm at Largs Library

Present: CCllr D Blair (Chair), CCllr V Lundie, CCllr P Perman, CCllr J Perman, CCllr A Carson,

 CCllr J Phillips, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Woods, Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr A Hill, Sgt A Marshall

Apologies: CCllr E Marshall

Item Business
1 Welcome

Welcome to members and Sgt Alex Marshall on behalf of Police Scotland.

2 Apologises

As noted above.

3 North Ayrshire Council Report

As reported by Cllr Murdoch.  Not a great deal to report as issues raised in December are still ongoing.  The issue with the Millport school children having  lack of transport from ferry slip to new campus  has been referred back to the cabinet having been ‘called in’ and is pending.  The debate is whether the journey starts from home address Largs ferry slip.  Cllr Murdoch took the journey from Kames Bay to new Largs Campus by fastest route at a decent pace and it will take approx.1hr 10mins .Any delays would result in the kids being late. CCllr P Perman stated that the children at south end of Largs will have to walk further.  Cllr Murdoch responded that those parent have other options eg car or taxi, the Millport kids don’t have these options.

CCllr P Perman asked Cllr Murdoch if he has walked along the new prom? Cllr Murdoch reiterated that he had raised issues within five minutes of it being started (detailed in Dec minutes) CCllr P Perman stated it is breaking up already, it’s a mess!  It’s only been down a month or so.  Cllr Murdoch stated that once the job was finished he submitted a complaint.  CCllr Blair confirmed that as a Community Council we support the concerns raised by our elected Councillors.  CCllr Adair stated that if it was a subcontractor that had done the job you would refuse to pay him.  It was agreed that the secretary write to NAC to express our concern about the workmanship and the job as a whole is unacceptable.
CCllr P Perman is dismayed to see that the Xmas lights are still up.  When are they coming down?  Cllr Murdoch responded that NAC have to do every town in North Ayrshire, they are just working their round. CCllr P Perman questioned again the issue about 100 parking spaces becoming available.  Cllr Murdoch confirmed that this has not yet been completed; one of the reasons being that it would require the raising of a traffic order.  Cllr Murdoch is still raising this issue at the council meetings. He is looking for the loading bay in Gallowgate Lane to be lengthened.  The current traffic order for Gallowgate Lane shows it as double yellow lines and so technically is not a loading bay, so looking to sort that out.
CCllr J Perman queried the relocation of the bins from the square to across the road.  Cllr Murdoch stated that NAC are having a meeting shortly to discuss relocation options, but he has been pursuing this issue for quite some time now and general opinion of majority of elected councillors is that the bins should not go back in the square.

Cllr Murdoch intends to find out what has happened to the trees that were removed from the square and also about the derelict cottage from what information he has been able to gain the only option seems to be to contact the land owner as he has a live planning application in place.

Cllr Murdoch clarify that the square is to be an events and performance space and not a market space.

Cllr Hill joined the meeting.  Regarding the prom Cllr Hill confirmed that the Chief Executive is processing a formal complaint from Councillors regarding the state of the resurfacing job.

CCllr J Perman asked if the former toilet block in Douglas Park is to be left as it is.
Cllr Hill confirmed that the skate park work is good to go however, given recent weather is yet to be started.  The contractors require four consecutive days of stable temperatures in order to pour the concrete.

4 Minutes of Meeting of 21 December 2017

Proposed CCllr A Adair, 2nd CCllr M Woods

5 Matters Arising from Minutes

Under item 6 regarding screening for the derelict cottage, will leave this item for another month.

Largs Community Council received a Thank You letter from Royal British Legion for the gift of the ceremonial bugle.

6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

Email from Ros Fallon, Marketing & Publicity Officer, Roads & Streetscene from NAC asking if able to attend LCC meeting to discuss our roads and winter weather issues.  Arranged for her to attend our February meeting.
Louise Riddex, Locality Co-ordinator, Community Development Team, NAC has asked to attend to introduce herself and to see if able to assistance us in any way.  Agreed for her to attend our March meeting.

Recap on upcoming meetings/training events.  January 22,23 and 29, please advise if interested in attending.

Appearing on Largs People today was an item regarding the plans for Kelburn Primary/Largs Academy site regarding housing development for 122 houses, community hub etc. It was disappointing that this appeared on social media before advising the Community Council. CCllr Blair advise that when attending the last community forum an officer did say that council officials would like to come speak the Community Council to discuss what is proposed for the school sites.  He understood that NAC would come to us and discuss over and above the open consultations.  Why has somebody posted, quite accurately, on facebook when we haven’t even received this information yet?   NAC encourage engagement with community councils yet not keeping us in the loop regarding this major development.
CCllr P Perman question why there is not to be a decent community centre given there will be more residents now who would use it. The infrastructure is not in place to support all this new housing.
Cllr Hill stated that the plans are subject to change.

CCllr Carson asked for confirmation that NAC own all the school sites, to which Cllr Hill confirmed they do.
CCllr Cochrane expressed his opinion about the way NAC treats this community council and that their communication is very poor and that we are badly treated. CCllr Cochrane went on to confirm that Cllr Marshall has now admitted that it was not Mr Fraser who put him up to asking if we (LCC) were constituted. He was ‘grand standing’ in front of the public. CCllr Blair asked CCllr Cochrane to confirm this as fact, to which he did.

CCllr Cochrane stated that it is increasingly important that this community council hold NAC to account along with elected councillors.

CCllr Carson stated that as a community council we deserve an apology for the behaviour of an elected councillor on the evening in question, questioning whether we were constituted and whether we follow correct processes. Also an attempt to have minutes struck off from a previous meeting.
Further to our FOI request it was revealed that in fact Cllr Marshall had submitted a formal complain about our Chairman.  CCllr Blair wrote to Mr Fraser for clarification as to who requested this information regarding LCC’s constitution. To which he did not received a straightforward response, but in fact received a response which was amalgamated with the response from another query to Mrs Murray.
With reference to recent local press article/release from NAC Chief Executive, at no time was CCllr Blair approached for a response.

7 Treasurer’s Report
No action on either accounts.  Balances remain at £2044.07 in project account and £390.22 in current account.Accounts and cheque books still not return from the auditors of NAC.  These have been in their hands now since October.  We still have bills outstanding that required payment.Proposed CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Adair
8 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – As reported by Sgt Alex Marshall (attached report).   CCllr Woods has again discussed the problem of parking with Sgt Marshall.   CCllr Blair raised the issue of a number of near misses at the exit of Inverclyde Sports Centre. From memory there was a ‘Stop’ sign there at one point but not now.  Cllr Murdoch clarified that the sign had been removed when the ‘give way’ road markings were laid down and he intends to raise this issue as part of the road safety issue in connection with the new campus. CCllr Blair emphasised that road safety in this area has always been of concern to LCC and we shouldn’t have to wait for someone to be hurt before NAC take action.  Cllr Murdoch has concerns about the volume of pedestrians waiting to cross at the new crossing point.

b.    Licensing – none to report

c.    Planning – Updates – Application for restaurant/hot food takeaway in Boyd Street has been passed, and the application for refurbishment at former Sheiling Bar, Main Street has been withdrawn.
New application for development at bottom of Anthony Road, 2 blocks of 5 apartments.  CCllr Carson declared interest as knows the applicant although unaware of his proposals.  Development is within owners existing boundaries and height is on par with existing buildings. No objections, but subject to condition that sensitive transport route taken, ie May Street not suitable for heavy goods and clearly marked accordingly.  Proposed CCllr P Perman, 2nd CCllr Cochrane.

Application for the installation of a single storey static caravan at Hillside Cottage, Bellesdale Avenue for provision of holiday lets. CCllrs Perman declared an interest as applicant known to them.
No objections. Proposed CCllr Adair, 2nd CCllr Phillips

d.    Environment –   CCllr P Perman to laisse with other groups to determine when they are carrying our beach cleans so we don’t clash.   Also possibly do any dog poo awareness event.   CCllr Blair mentioned that the level of waste from our local fast food shops is making a huge mess, maybe look at this issue with a view to them using environmentally friendly cartons etc.
No news to report regarding the forestry project.
Hopefully we will be able have our tour of new crematorium soon, date to be confirmed.
CCllr P Perman asked if LCC had been invited for viewing of new Largs Campus.  CCllr Blair was able to confirm that we have not.

e.    Transportation – Transportation group hoping to arrange meeting for 8 Feb at 7.00 CCllr Adair inviting Calmac to attend.

9 A.O.C.B. – CCllr Carson asked elected councillors if the area of Bath Street behind Wilkies, WH Smith etc can be tidied up as it’s a disgrace. CCllr Murdoch advised that this land is privately owned.  CCllr Blair stated that if it is own collective by the businesses then under Health and Safety legislation (Work Place regulations) covers traffic routes including pedestrian access.  Cllr Murdoch advised that previously it was shared ownership but is now owned by one person and that he would be willing to approach the owner to advise that we are looking for the area to be tidied up.
CCllr Cochrane attended recent Hunterston Stakeholders meeting during which it was confirmed that Hunterston ‘A’ station will close 2024 which currently costs £41m a year to decommission. Next meeting 1 MarchCCllr Adair asked Councillors to look into fly tipping at Sandringham.
10 Date of Next Meeting –  15 February 2018

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