February Minutes – 2019

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Approved Minutes
Thursday 21 February 2019 at 6pm at Largs Academy


Present: CCllr, Carson (Chair), CCllr Lundie(Secretary), CCllr P Perman(Treasurer), CCllr J Perman, CCllr Stewart, CCllr Murray, CCllr Cochrane, CCllr Smith, CCllr Adair, Cllr Hill, Cllr Murdoch, Sgt Sharon Kerr (Police Scotland)

Apologies: CCllr Wood, CCllr Phillips, CCllr Kelly, Cllr Marshall

Item Business
1 Welcome

Chair opened the meeting and thanked us for attending at amended time and venue.

2 Apologises

As noted above

3 North Ayrshire Council Report

Cllr Hill reported that it is inevitable that NAC will be increasing Council Tax, but not able to confirmed by how much but possibly by as much as 5%. Although the council tax will be increasing there will still have to be cuts made.

Cllr Murdoch reported an update regarding the trees in George, John Clark and Seamore Streets. The public consultation has already taken place. With regard to the trees to be removed, no specific date has been given yet but they will be removed by 31 March. Cllr Hill stated that given the initial upset over the removal of the trees the uptake of replacement had been disappointing.  CCllr Kelly had actively approached residents to encourage uptake. CCllr Carson stated that The Community Gardens would be happy to take up excess trees.

CCllr J Perman refers to an article regarding the demolition of Douglas Park Shelter as reported in the Largs and Millport Weekly News of 23 January 2019 in which Cllr Gallacher told the news that meetings were held with local councillors at the time and various options were looked at. Craig Hatton also stated on 20 July 2017  that once we have a clear way forward for the timescale for demolition we shall meet with the ward members to discuss potential replacement. CCllr Perman asked that as both Cllr Hill and Murdoch have advised that no meetings regarding replacement have taken place, what meeting is Cllr Gallacher referring to?  Cllr Murdoch advise that although there has not been any meeting specific to the replacement for the shelter there have been meetings with regard to the maintenance of Douglas Park.

CCllr Perman advises that he will request a FOI request for details of the meetings as reported by Cllr Gallacher.

CCllr P Perman was pleased to hear that we are getting the compacting bins but is disappointed to see that the Carpark Fund will being paying for these. She questions councillors is it not a statutory obligation of the council to provide bins that are fit for purpose?  Cllr Hill responded that the council would not be providing the compacting bins and that he is not aware of any other location having these, it would be regular bins that would be provided. Cllr Murdoch agreed that it was only possible to get these bins if they were funded from the carpark fund.

Last year we had more bins that we have had in previous years. These new bins are on a four year lease at approx. £5000 each per year.  The income from the carpark is in the region of £190K per year. Cllr Hill stated that Largs is in the fortunate position of having this fund. CCllr Cochrane expressed his opinion that the amount NAC retains in admin fees for this fund is extortionate.
CCllr J Perman suggested that as we are all getting new purple bins at approx. £40 each, then any excess others (blue & grey) could be melted down for recycling.

4 Minutes of Meeting of  17 January 2019

Approved CCllr P Perman, 2nd CCllr L Smith

5 Matters Arising from Minutes


6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence and Social Media


8 Treasurer’s Report

Approval proposed by CCllr Stewart, 2nd CCllr Murray.

9 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – as per attached report.

b.    Licensing – None. For duration of CCllr Wood’s absence, CCllr J Perman agreed he would oversee this.

c.    Planning – Update with regards to application from Wotherspoon’s for extended use to front area was declined.

d.    Environment– CCllr P Perman wanted to thank a young boy of Largs, Callum Smith, who cleared benches & bin, etc out of Douglas Park pond.  Cllr Hill also reported back that further to CCllr Wood’s concern regarding state of water in this pond, environment health visited and reported back that there are no issues with the water other than duck weed.
CCllr Perman had made contact with Helen Miller (NAC) regarding the rubbish in Gateside St carpark. She also reported concerns regarding amount of dog poo in Nelson St and Seamore St.
CCllr Perman intends to arrange ‘Nurddle’ count on the beach. ‘Nurddles’ are small pieces of plastic and liaise with Marine Centre in Millport as they are involved in the environmental impact reporting of this.
Sydney Opera House has a particular problem with seagulls and one of their solutions is to have a dog patrolling the area. Perhaps Largs could adopt a similar approach.
Litter Pick organised by Largs Rowing Club happening this Sunday to clean ‘Sandy Bay’. Meeting point Marina Carpark 9.30am
Our Adult outdoor gym proposal is progressing. We are having site meeting with Thomas Reeney to assess suitability of each area.  We are also looking to obtain costings and looking into grants for the project.
CCllr Carson also reported that we are looking other environmental projects such as can recycling and bottle recycling points. A supermarket in East Kilbride has installed a plastic bottle recycling point, issuing shopping vouchers in return. This has proven to be a successful project.
Cllr Murdoch commented on the litter up the Haylie Brae. This has been particularly bad recently, however would likely require road closure to do it safely.

e.    Transportation- CCllr Adair confirmed that a meeting had taken place with regard to resurfacing works for the A78. Cllr Murdoch confirmed that there are three schemes. From Eglington Terrace to Skelmorlie Castle Road, St Phillans to Ashcraig and a stretch at the Meigle. Also discussed was a future plan for Fairlie. If a long term fix (approx. 25yrs) was done the road would require stripping further down and could be closed for 3-4 weeks.  Most likely would be a fix lasting approx. 10yrs, but would still require road closure. Whilst works are being carried out on shore road Cllr Murdoch has asked that the Brisbane Glen Road be closed (local access only) as this road ends up gridlocked. Shore road closure confirmed as 5-8 April and 12-15 April 2019 with a potential further date in June. Although June’s works have been asked to postpone until October to lessen impact on summer trade.


10 A.O.C.B.– CCllr P Perman asked Councillors where the parking sites are that are being discussed.  Cllr Murdoch responded that it is the same sites that have been discussed historically under the old Development Trust. The previous drawings are still in existence. Cllr Murdoch is pushing for more parking to be created before the intended decriminalisation of parking comes into force. Areas identified include Barrfields putting green (1/2), beside Brisbane Centre, opposite Castlebay Court, part of Scott Swing park.

Sgt Kerr confirmed that they receive numerous ongoing complaints regarding parking. This is extremely frustrating.

CCllr Adair asked why the decriminalising parking had been put back.  During recent meeting NAC advised that a steering group had been created and following statutory process being followed it could be implemented around October 2020.
Cllr Hill suggested that perhaps we should hold a separate meetings, get the old drawings back out and discuss.
Calum Coral brought to our attention an article recently published in the Glasgow Herald that highlights the issue of getting people to Largs by train.  CCllr Stewart concurred that the train service for those commuting in and out of Largs is not a great service with only one an hour compared to the likes of Kilwinning with 4 or more an hour.
CCllr Adair asked for the double yellow lines to be reinstated outside the monastery, this area is particularly bad making it near impossible for two way traffic.
Chair closed meeting and welcomed members to stay on for the information event from Friends of the Firth of Clyde.

11 Date of Next Meeting – 21 March 2019

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