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Minutes from the January 2018 Meeting

Largs Community Council

Approved Minutes
15 February 2018, 7pm at Largs Library

Present: CCllr D Blair (Chair), CCllr V Lundie, CCllr P Perman, CCllr J Perman, CCllr A Carson, CCllr J Stewart, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr J Phillips, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Woods, Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr A Hill, Inspector C Convery, Sgt A Marshall

Apologies: CCllr E Marshall, Cllr T Marshall

Item Business
1 Welcome

Chair welcomed members, Police Scotland representatives, visitors and members of the public.

2 Apologises

As noted above

3 Visitor – Ros Fallon, Marketing & Publicity Officer, Roads & Streetscene, NAC

The role that Ros has was designed specifically to find ways to get their information out to the public and stakeholders in a better fashion.

One of the main campaigns is the winter gritting campaign, running from end of October to beginning of April. She is also working on publicity for other parts of roads including surface conditions, lighting and flood protection.
Ros also covers Streetscene covering our open spaces, parks, trees, dog fouling, littering and fly-tipping.
Primarily here to cover winter gritting campaign.  Dedicated team of 37 based in Kilwinning and provide cover 24/7 during winter.  They will grit and grit & patrol.  The gritters provide a patrol service to monitor road surface temperature and do not grit unnecessarily so wasting public money. Roads are gritted on a priority route process. Priority 1 routes are main routes receive constant gritting, priority 2 are an as and when resources permit.  The NAC gritting website (/gritting) provides all the information and interactive map. Another incentive NAC has is the grit bin service. These are provide free of charge to the public. Grit bin applications come from a collective within a street, where neighbours have to agree their location.  Refilling of these has to be requested by the public.  NAC also have amenity salt locations, for self-service (Alexander Avenue Depot).  NAC trying to promote self-service.  CCllr Blair expressed his concern that the highest parts of Largs aren’t gritted and so bin lorries and emergency vehicles struggle. Even Holehouse Road as a priority route will soon cease once Brisbane Primary is closed. However, He did state that when they call to say the grit bin is empty it is replenished very quickly.
Cllr Murdoch stated that historically two of the gritter drivers lived locally and they used to grit the side and upper streets.
Assessment requests can be submitted for road change of criteria, eg based on level of traffic. CCllr Blair asked what the scenario was with the new housing developments, how are these roads assesse?  Ros stated that planning will always try to use existing routes and that very few new roads are built. However anytime new roads are built they are assessed for everything. National strategy will remain to focus on main routes.  CCllr Carson asked if the Community Payback team were involved in gritting.  NAC has an informal reciprocal agreement with community justice which is currently being reviewed due the pattern of availability and co-ordination needs revisited.  There isn’t a service level agreement in place. Ros has piloted a Facebook page which is going well. Publicity budget is restricted to digital and they are planning to cease paper leaflet as not environmentally friendly.
On the topic of potholes, CCllr Lundie has reported pot holes on Flatt Road on several occasions, only to personally experience a burst tyre.  She also questioned why when they come to repair them do they only do some but not all that have been reported?  Having personally measured, one particular hole was 4ft by 2ft and 5-6 inches deep.  There has been severe weather and a very tumultuous period of freeze and thaw, rain and freeze. It is the thaw that causes the breakup. The patching is temporary and two contractors are assisting NAC’s road squad.  CCllr Cochrane stated that there was an article recently stating that there has been £43m less spent by local authorities on pothole problems.
CCllr Adair raised the issue that Sandringham has no street lighting at all. With it being a narrow road and cars parked both side it is very dark and a local resident had a near miss with a taxi recently. Ros encouraged CCllr Adair to raise an enquiry, marking correspondence for attention of Gary Wilson, Head of Lighting.

Local paper reporter (Callum Coral) raised the question of webpage stating roads have been gritted when it appears they haven’t.  Ros was able to confirm that flash rain can wash away the grit and protocol is that police will close the road until the gritter can be brought back.
Ros finished up by asking that we have a look at the updated website.

CCllr Blair thanked Ros for this evening and that we could have her back regarding other topics connected to Streetscene.



North Ayrshire Council Report

Cllr Hill advised that most meetings at the moment are surrounding the budget.
The skate park is finally under way.
The demise of BID as reported in this weeks local paper.
The work on Gallowgate Square is proceeding well and proposed to be completed by Easter.
CCllr Carson thanked Cllr Hill for arranging the re-cycling of the blocks from Gallowgate Square to Community Garden.
CCllr Lundie asked if a solution had been found for the bins issue.  Cllr Hill responded that a proposal being looked at is a communal bin area across the road.  If this is not taken up then ideally the residential bins should be in the back yards of the tenements and commercial bins behind their buildings.
Cllr Murdoch gave update on previous issues. Re Gallowgate Square, he had asked about lighting being improved on the west side of the square. He was successful in this.  He has had response to his official complaint about the prom work and is not happy with the response. Problem with the shelter roofs has been rectified. Aubery Pond has had gate valves replaced and sealing of the seams due; problem is temperature and curing time. Re BID, majority of board have stood down with 2 remaining to finalise things. The result of this is that local events like food fest etc. won’t happen.  Largs Live may still happened if another sponsor can be found.  Scottish Town Partnership will take over the project for pursuing of BID2 and they will run the programme for voting.
Moorburn Road programme starting soon re pot holes etc. Nelson Street was started but contractors ran out of tar so returning this Sunday to complete along with work at top of Nelson Street.  No programme for Gateside Street or Flatt Road at this time. Shops in Aitken Street complained that no notification given for resurfacing of pavement.  Shoppers bringing in tar and having to exit by rear door of premises.
Re Bath Street and Bellmans Close car parks, he is pursuing ways of improving these areas.
School crossing on Moorburn Road, Cllr Murdoch attended meeting with local parents and is backing them. He has requested NAC for meeting to discuss this and other traffic issues. CCllr Blair asked if our transportation representative is able to attend this meeting given that LCC is very supportive of these concerns.  Cllr Murdoch is unsure but will ask.

Further to story in local paper about library moving into the Vikingar, confirmed that there is nothing certain at this time but is something he would support.  Vikingar is owned by NAC and leased by KA Leisure.

5 Minutes of Meeting of 18 January 2018
Cllr Murdoch pointed out that on page 1, item 3, change “5 mins of being laid” to “5 mins of being started”.
Minutes approved CCllr Adair, 2nd CCllr Phillips.
6 Matters Arising from Minutes


7 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

CCllr Lundie pointed out that other councils (Argyll & Bute; Fife; Inverclyde & South Lanarkshire) support the Pass Plus driving qualification, via DVLA and so supporting safer drivers on our roads, particularly newly qualified drivers. CCllr Lundie asked the elected councillors if this is something that NAC offers or willing to look at.
NAC holding a condensed community council training evening to look at licensing and general community council business in Dalry Library on Thursday 22 Feb at 7pm.  CCllr Wood advised she would be able to attend.

Email today from Morna Rae, NAC re Community Council Investment Fund.  This is something we will look at in more detail at later date.
Reminder that North Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership Survey/Consultation closes this Friday (16 Feb) at midnight for anyone wishing to take part.

Letter of complaint was sent on behalf of LCC to NAC about the new prom surface.  It is with Karen Yeoman, to date no reply received. Briefly covered the points raised, in particular hope the next section is completed to a far better standard and that if it was an external contractor we have expected payment to have been withheld.

8 Treasurer’s Report

Spend of £50 for new badges from the project account leaving a balance of £1994.07   From the current account a spend of £64.35 (for renewal of website and for wreath) leaving balance of £325.87
Renewal of insurance is also due to be paid.
Proposed CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Adair

9 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – as reported by Inspector Convery. Incident numbers for period 18/01/2018-14/02/2018 are down 40 compared to same period last year. For this period 29 reported crimes of which 16 been detected. A particular problem recently is theft of diesel. Other crimes see attached.

CCllr Cochrane enquired as to the outcome of the two persons arrested in relation to recent seizure of 10,000 Valium.  Inspector confirmed that they had appeared in court and have been bailed in the meantime. They have a problem with ‘street’ Valium.
CCllr Wood has had a report from a member of the public who has had a car parked in front of their house for over a year now.  Police looking into this. CCllr Wood confirmed that there have been discussions with Largs police about concerns from local mums concerning children crossing Moorburn Road to access the walkway through Surrey Glen for the new campus.  Unfortunately there is not much the police can do unless there is an incident. This should be raised with councillors.  CCllr Blair again raised concerns about the junction/roundabout at Inverclyde entrance, especially now this will be a major route for the new campus.

Inspector Convery advised that the move to Brooksby Centre is still very much on the cards.  He also asked that we think about what information and the format of crime reporting we want.  He is not convinced that the current format, basically a list of figures, is a true reflection of what is going on.
Cllr Murdoch stated that police are enforcing the restrictions on the loading bays, whereby a ticket is issued after 11 minutes. But, why is the 60 min, no return restriction not being enforced, considering it is the same traffic order? Inspector responded that he does not have the manpower to stand watching a vehicle for 1 hour when there are issues to be dealt with.  If this is something we wish then to take on board it would be to the detriment of other issues. The use of the loading bays being abused and this is a regular complaint from local shop keepers.
CCllr J Perman enquired about the van parked to the side of Deli El Cardo.  Inspector confirmed that he believed this to be private land. CCllr J Perman believed that the first 10-12 feet is in fact part of a road way and the council have painted double yellows lines and give way markings.

b.    Licensing – none

c.    Planning – application from Day-to-Day, 20/22 Nelson Street for fast food outlet at rear of premises. LCC response- rejected based on over provision and excessive traffic. Proposed CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Wood.  Vote, 5 for, 3 against, 2 abstentions.  Motion carried.

Previous application for upgrading of former Sheiling Bar was then subsequently withdrawn. New application submitted for alterations and change of use from public house to class 3 with permitted change to class 1 &2. LCC response – no objections. Proposed CCllr Wood, 2nd CCllr Adair.
Application to install 2 electric vehicle charging points at Castlebay Filling station.  LCC response – no objections.

d.    Environment – Letter from Savills re Kelburn Estate. To develop forest plan, currently in the scoping stage. Map produced with view to thinning out and new planting.  CCllr Perman will respond immediately advising that we require further consultation and note with concern that neither NAC nor Fairlie Community Council has been notified. We will raise it with CMRP.
CCllr Blair advised that with regards to the Halkshill Forestry Project there has been no further development since our meeting in December.

Regarding the successful trial of the compactor bins CCllr P Perman was advised by NAC that there was not funds to purchase these. However, she is liaising with Cllr Hill to see if we can obtain funding from an alternative source.

CCllr P Perman has been contacted by several people about the dog poo problem. It is her intention to organise a highlighting event, similar to our previous Broomfield event last year. CCllr Blair suggested that we liaise with Streetscene on this matter.
Regarding the new prom surface CCllr P Perman quoted Cllr Gallagher “I would say it’s a perfectly reasonable surface given the price”.  This is not the view of other councillors or LCC.  CCllr P Perman also wishes to revisit the idea of the external exercise equipment that was suggested for along the prom area.

Regarding the new housing development, CCllr P Perman is dismayed that NAC are removing the all-weather pitch, especially given the focus on the health and fitness of today’s youth.  She also points out that the map used for this development includes points of reference that no longer exist and is out of date.

e.    Transportation – following on from meeting last week we are hoping to move forward with traffic issue in and around the town centre. CCllr Adair has put forward a proposal (attached). This could be introduced as a pilot with amendments made as necessary. Largs needs a traffic/parking strategy. Cllr Murdoch stated that this needs to be looked as a bigger strategy for Largs.
On behalf of the transportation sub-committee CCllr Cochrane is asking LCC to endorse their proposals. Cllr Hill suggested that the next stage would be to request a meeting with NAC Roads department to discuss the implications and how/if these pilots could be implemented.
CCllr Carson pointed out that parking meters have not been included in proposal, which would not require enforcers as these are all done electronically nowadays.  Cllr Murdoch stated that we have traffic orders in place already; they just need to be enforced.  CCllr Blair suggested a timescale of month end March.

f.     Social Media – CCllr Carson introduced Greg from TikTok, a web design company.  CCllr Carson is keen to engage the help of Greg to assist with the re-design of our web page as we don’t have the programming skills needed to do this ourselves.  Greg advised that with the current framework we are limited to 5 pages only.  For this year we can work with what we’ve got with some modification. CCllr Carson is seeking approval to employ Greg to carry out this work for us.  Agreement to proceed proposed by CCllr Carson, 2nd CCllr Wood.

10 A.O.C.B. – CCllr Wood confirmed hand over of plaque to Royal British Legion and thank you letter received.

CCllr Cochrane introduced member of the public Martin Murdoch and proposes Martin to co-opted to fill our membership vacancy, 2nd CCllr Adair. CCllr Blair asked Mr Murdoch if he accepts, to which he did.
CCllr Cochrane asked if Largs Community Council have any objections to Saltcoats Community Council joining the Hunterston Stakeholders Group.  We have no objections to this.

11 Date of Next Meeting –  15 March 2018

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