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20 December 2018, 7pm at Largs Library


Present: CCllr A Carson, CCllr V Lundie, CCllr J Stewart, CCllr K Murray, CCllr J Phillips, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Wood, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr P Perman, CCllr J Perman, Cllr I Murdoch, Cllr A Hill (Late)

Apologies: Cllr T Marshall

Item Business
1 Welcome

CCllr Carson welcomed members.

2 Apologises

As noted above

3 North Ayrshire Council Report

As reported by Cllr Murdoch. Full council meeting yesterday (17 December). There is an issue with the lighting in Gallowgate Square, relevant department been out several times attending to this.  Complaints received about shorefront carpark in relation to bins again. This was dealt with today with the exception of one food bin which is due to be emptied.
Largs events ran this year’s Yuletide evening which he felt was a success.
CCllr P Perman raised the issue about the road at the new crematorium.  She was personally involved in an incident where she was the lead car of three and the third card couldn’t see her in front of the second car. As a result the third car overtook both vehicles and nearly hitting CCllr Perman. She therefore is asking for the council to apply double white lines either side of the crematorium entrance. This is an exceptionally dangerous stretch. Cllr Murdoch, much as he would like to see these lines introduced, he feels that this will be declined. At the outset he had requested this action and following survey of this area the decision was deemed unnecessary by NAC.  CCllr Wood has asked for more prominent signs. General consensus is that it will take a serious accident or death before some action will be taken. Cllr Murdoch advised that the crematorium owners have also raised this issue and agreed to raise it again for us.  Given that there is the Windfarm entrance, the crematorium entrance, the forestry entrance and also the dairy entrance, it really is becoming a dangerous spot for any overtaking.

During the full council meeting, Cllr Murdoch raised the issue about the lack of an EIA for the decommissioning site.  The three month timeframe for appealing to planning has now lapsed, so The Friends of the Clyde are now appealing to SEPA and Marine Scotland to ask for an EIA as this is still within their powers. Cllr Murdoch advises that all the evidence points to a Schedule 1 EIA and it has not been requested.  They have now applied for a waste management licence for the whole site. These issues are being pursued. He also asked if planning conditions had been breached as one of the conditions was that a Liaison Group was to be created within 3 months of planning being granted and this has not happened.
CCllr Cochrane asked was it not the case that an EIA would be applied for when and actual rig came in for decommissioning as an individual project. Cllr Murdoch responded that it would be for the movement and installation of the rig but not for the whole site which is sitting in a SSS area.
CCllr Hill joined the meeting. He confirmed that the working plan bares no relation to what they actually have planning permission for. The working plan involves using all of the former coal yard for dumping waste including tonnes of asbestos on a daily basis. They do not have planning permission for that but it is contained in their working plan.  There is also the potential to have a rig being decommission at the yard with another parked up at the jetty. There is also the concern about dumping organic waste. The old waste from the rigs cannot be dumped back into the sea so has to be dealt with onshore. All these issues are part of their operation plan for which they do not have planning permission for.  Neither the yard nor the jetty has permission for these activities. It is felt that the company has a very large project for the entire site but has broken it down into bites size nuggets and only applying for planning a bit at a time rather than divulging the whole project as one big picture. Looking at the bigger picture it is felt that an EIA should have been requested for the whole site.
CCllr Cochrane feels that planning wouldn’t be issued without the correct checks being done.  Cllr Murdoch stated that he, Cllr Hill and other groups involved are not against the project, they just want it done safely and correctly and that should have included an EIA.

Cllr Hill states that there is about to be another license application to Marine Scotland and they are the last public body that can state that an EIA must be carried out.  It’s a sensitive environmental area.  Cllr Murdoch also advised that there is an issue with the size of ships. The fact that several smaller applications were made allowed the size of the ships involved to be not such an issue compared to that had it been one large application. If the jetty extension goes ahead then the ships could be as close as 10 feet from a rare oyster bed. CCllr Cochrane has every faith that the correct processes will be followed. Cllr Hill emphasised that Largs will be impacted by this.
CCllr P Perman asked why did SEPA not request an EIA? Cllr Hill responded that the groups in Fairlie feel that the regulations have not been followed properly and that perhaps some of the organisations involved don’t understand the involvement of an EIA. NAC can’t be challenged on the permission granted as it is out with the 3 month timeframe.
CCllr Carson asked what LCC could do regarding this.  Cllr Hill responded that supporting Fairlie CC and other groups in pushing for a full EIA.
CCllr Wood states that she believes this can work very well provided all the correct process and assessments are carried out.

CCllr Carson asked if LCC supports the request to Marine Scotland to insist on an EIA. No objections.

4 Minutes of Meeting of  15 November 2018

Cllr Murdoch raised an issue with Item 9 – Treasurers Report regarding the cost of the independent tree survey. He states that there was no proposal or vote and that it is not in the minutes that he challenged this.  He feels that if we are spending money then it should be proposed, seconded and voted upon. CCllr Carson responded that this was discussed and although there was no proposal and vote, it was asked if there were any objections, which there were not.  NAC also uses this format. CCllr P Perman suggested that perhaps for future items of this nature we should vote rather than seek any objections.
Cllr Murdoch would like it minuted that he challenged this.
October minutes state “CCllr Carson spoke about the cost of survey and perhaps we could assist with this.  This was unanimously agreed.”

Minutes proposed CCllr Cochrane, 2nd CCllr Adair

5 Matters Arising from Minutes

CCllr J Perman referred to item concerning  the voting a the Locality Partnership meeting whereby £10K was distributed without a proposal or vote being taken despite the opinion of NAC Legal Services saying that the application did not meet the requirements.  Cllr Murdoch advised that this has already been raised with the head of NAC Legal Department and has been advised that everything was done appropriately.  Cllr Hill stated that Locality Partnership works on the basis of consensus, where this isn’t reached then it’s down to the councillors to vote when it concerns finance.  CCllr Perman asked if it is acceptable for the councillors to ignore their own legal services who stated it does not meet the requirements.
Cllr Murdoch advised CCllr Perman that he should raise this issue with the Locality Partnership. CCllr Carson has asked for assurances from the Councillors that in future they would be more careful about the funds going out.  Cllr Hill advises that in the last couple of years they have not had any applications for monies from these funds and they have been just sitting there.
CCllr Cochrane took notes at the relevant Partnership meeting and assured us that this topic was fully discussed. At the previous meeting Cllr Hill expressed that he felt that there was too much money going to the Viking Festival. Cllr Murdoch advised that the money sitting dormant in these funds end up getting used up by admin fees. CCllr Carson advised that as a CC we should maybe make the people of Largs more aware of these funds.

CCllr Perman is taking this forward personally.

Cllr Murdoch refers to item raised under AOCB, regarding the privacy and embarrassment experienced when obtaining vouchers for the foodbank. He has now been able to arrange for a private meeting room to be used. CCllr Murray can confirm that this is the case.

6 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

Been quite quiet. Any correspondence received by way of emails is forwarded to relevant/all members to be actioned.
Email from SSE advising that Murry West has taken over from Pauline Allison. By default the chair normally attends these meetings, CCllr Carson has been provided with dates.
Social Media reported by CCllr Stewart, we were contacted by Linda Smith who has expressed an interest in being a member of LCC.  CCllr Stewart has also advised if there is anything we want added on just forward to her and hopefully generate more views etc.

7 Treasurer’s Report

Reported by our new treasurer CCllr P Perman.
Current A/c £117.19 and Project A/C £924.07 after contributing £500 towards the independent tree survey.

Proposed CCllr Adair, 2nd CCllr Phillips.

8 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – emergency to attend to therefore reported by CCllr Wood. (See attached).  CCllr Wood advised that NAC will not be supplying taxi marshals this year, as they were too late in putting it out to tender and no company took it up.  However, additional funds have been allocated to Police Scotland to cover this task.  The Police have visited all licensed premised in the lead up to Xmas, New Year, and 2nd Jan period.

b.    Licensing – None to report

c.    Planning – Application received again from Weatherspoon for creation of seating on public footpath for 10 tables and 20 chairs. LCC had objected to previous application for this.  This is the narrowest part of the prom and if this is to accommodate a smoking area then they already an outdoor terrace for this purpose. Objection on grounds that it is too narrow to accommodate this with comment regarding existing outdoor area. Proposed CCllr P Perman, 2nd CCllr Phillips. Unanimous decision.
Prior Notification of proposal to Blair Park to upgrade and create new pathways. This is within permitted development and is notification only.

d.    Environment– CCllr Adair has arranged for the waste management team to visit LCC next month.  CCllr P Perman reported that the sub group held a meeting and discussed some more beach clean-up. She will consult with the school regarding some dates.  Given recent budget cuts NAC have asked for volunteers to help with the local flower beds, e.g. adopt a bed.   It is proposed to do another ‘Poo’ campaign.  We now have a banner to display whilst carrying out events on behalf of LCC.
LCC is proposing to provide outdoor adult gym equipment. CCllr P Perman is obtaining details and costings for this. These are very popular in other towns.

e.    Transportation– CCllr Stewart raised an issue with regard to taxis dropping off at the school campus, as some of the drivers have to sign in the pupil. Can these vehicles be accommodated via the bus lane in some way rather than the lengthy wait via public entrance and taking up a parking space?  Cllr Murdoch says he will check this out but difficulties is that people are abusing the parking drop off points.


9 A.O.C.B. – CCllr Carson asked Cllr Murdoch if he could find out the waiting time for person leaving hospital and going into residential care.  From what she had been able to ascertain in NA it is about 12 weeks yet in Inverclyde it is 24/48hrs.  She is awaiting a response from NAC on this.

CCllr Cochrane advised that further to the meeting regarding the trees, a compromise has been reached whereby some of the trees will be saved, possibly a maximum of 5. Also NAC has agreed that any of the residents who wished to have a tree could do so in their own garden. Choices of 5 trees have been offered including a miniature cherry tree which is proving popular.

Further to our letter of complaint to NAC we will send a further response whereby we still feel there are points to be addressed.  CCllr Cochrane proposes we send a response, 2nd CCllr P Perman. Unanimous.

CCllr Lundie reported that as CCllr Murdoch had not attended 8 meetings his membership has ceased.   Also that should Linda choose to join LCC we still have one further vacancy.

10 Date of Next Meeting – 17 January 2018

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