August Minutes – 2019

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Approved Minutes
Thursday 15 August 2019, 7pm at Largs Library


Present: CCllr A Carson (Chair, CCllr V Lundie (Secretary), CCllr P Perman (Treasurer), CCllr K Murray, CCllr L Smith, CCllr J Perman, CCllr D Cochrane, CCllr J Phillips, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Wood, CCllr J Stewart, Cllr I Murdoch, Con. S Winsor (Police)

Apologies: CCllr A Peddie, Cllr T Marshall

Item Business
1 Welcome

CCllr Carson as Chair welcomed all CCllrs, Cllrs and members of the public.

2 Apologies

As noted above

3 Code of Conduct

Chair re-iterated Code of Conduct.

4 North Ayrshire Council Report

Reported by Cllr Murdoch, following points raised last month by CCllr J Perman, response as follows. £25K queried was shown because of an increase of £10k was put into income, net cost is £25k. CCllr Perman enquired where the £10K came from?
Action – Cllr Murdoch will enquire about this.
Cllr Murdoch can also confirm that the £300 queried as being paid by Largs was an administrative error and should have been paid by Millport is to be corrected.

The next decom liaison meeting has been expanded to cover the whole of Hunterston park .Local CC chairpersons will attend. The election of an independent chair will feature on the agenda.

FOFOC continue to campaign about the lack of EIA at the decom site. They held a recent public meeting during which they summarised actions to date.

CCllr Peddie had previously enquired if any permission were required to host parkrun events.  Cllr Murdoch confirmed that none were require as was not a procession.

Next full council meeting is 25 September if anybody has any issues they wish elected members to raise.

Regarding Hunterston B, suggested restart date for reactor was 22 July, then moved to 5 August and now intended to be 30 August.
CCllr J Perman queried the issue of the proposed dredging at the decom site, stating that it would not impact on the SSSI area. Cllr Murdoch confirmed that the measurements on the drawings are being challenged and therefore that is not necessarily so. FOFOC have enlisted the help of a top QC from Edinburgh to work on this case.  The original documents claim there would be 150-200K tonnes of dredging which then changed, unknown to Cllrs and only gained from FOI, up to 2.4million tonnes. That has since been revised to 615K tonnes. At recent Parliament question MSP Kenneth Gibson stated that there would be no infringement to the SSSI, but, if there was we could clawback £10m that Scottish Enterprise had put up for this.
CCllr Carson confirmed that LCC, as well as the surrounding CC, has responded to Marine Scotland with our concerns.

5 Minutes of Meeting of  18 July 2019

Approved CCllr J Phillips, 2nd CCllr M Wood

6 Matters Arising from Minutes

CCllr Cochrane, item 8C, the banners frames were initiated by Barrfield’s User Group, interestingly it has taken NAC 2 years to grant themselves permission. CCllr J Perman advised that the time taken was also due to fact that Transport Scotland had to be involved due to proximity to main road.

7 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence and Social Media
Reminder of forthcoming meeting regarding Righill Wind Farm at 6.30pm on Mon 26 August in Skelmorlie Community Centre. CCllrs Carson and Wood confirmed attendance.
Email received from Stephen Houlihan of RPS Consultants (Highways, Civil and Transportation), looking to meet with a representative to discuss Ferry area and possible re-design.  Passed onto CCllr Adair, Transportation Sub-Committee. Cllr Murdoch confirmed there is a meeting (16/08/2019) at NAC regarding this.
Further to our recent response to a licensing application, CCllr Lundie confirmed that been in touch with Michelle Champion at NAC to query the fact that responses are still to be sent by way of letter and can we not move with the times as NAC are eco-friendly and adopting a paperless environment. It has been confirmed that we can send our signed letters as an attachment to an email.CCllr Stewart reported on Social Media, with CCllr Peddie’s involvement she has created an Instagram account. Regarding our Facebook page it is mostly re-posting from other groups. NAC are great users of Twitter and we have been reposting announcements from them. In last month we have reached around 5000 people with 2500 engagements. Aiming to reach younger people via Instagram.  It was also agreed that CCllr Stewart could post approved minutes immediately onto Facebook page rather than wait for them being loaded onto to our web page first. It is also suggested that we post a short report about what was discussed that night.
CCllr Cochrane confirmed that he had been approached by one of Inverclyde Sports Scotland Managers who had emailed but yet to have a response.  We have discovered that an old redundant email address created in 2012 exists. This is something we are looking to remedy and create a new email specific to LCC.
8 Treasurer’s Report

Project account projected figure after two outstanding cheques cashed will be £680.60.
Admin account £47.52
Accounts to be submitted to NAC at end of this month.  Proposed CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Stewart

9 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – reported by PC Simon Winsor on behalf of Police Scotland (see attached).  Relatively low crime in the town, less than one a day.

b.    Licensing – none

c.    Planning – application received from Room to allow tables and chairs to be stored on Gallowgate Square, against the back wall and secured by a chain.
Each of the three properties who have permission for outdoor table have conditions set whereby they are to be removed and stored within own property.  Cllr Murdoch has received several complaints regarding this. All three premises were given permission for seating in the square however conditions stipulate that they are to be removed for storage. However, Room has not stuck to the conditions that all related items to be removed.
General consensus is that LCC has no objections to the businesses having item during their specific times however objects to modifications to existing permissions. Opposed to variation – 7, against – 1, abstention – 3 .

d.    Environment – CCllr P Perman has resigned from the Environmental Sub Committee.  Written update from CCllr Peddie on recent proposals raised at LCC July meeting. (see attached).

Action – A new Chair will be voted for at next CC meeting (19/09/2019).
CCllr Perman feels that CCllr Peddie’s involvement in various other environmental groups is conflicting with CC sub group and that he should be declaring an interest. It was felt that at this level it was not necessary unless there was a financial implication. Any applications for funding would have to be done so by a constituted group.
Officially, as per meeting of 19 Jan 2017 members of Environmental Sub Group are confirmed as Chair CCllr P Perman, CCllr D Blair, CCllr J Perman, CCllr  A Adair and MOP Joanne McIntyre. Any amendments to this would require voting.

e.    Transportation – CCllr Adair had received complaints regarding a motorhome parked at Vikingar for a number of days. Cllr Murdoch confirmed that there a no signs indicating no overnight parking.  This is council land and therefore nothing can be done by Police, and they have not had any complaints about this.

10 A.O.C.B. – Members of public and residents from the surrounding streets of the new Flatt Road housing development wished to express, via spokesperson Gordon McArthur, concern regarding the plan for a Bio-mass Boiler.  Mr McArthur handed out flyer detailing pictures and concerns. Concerns include the fact that it is to have a 40ft chimney, along with an 18m x 9m housing block.  They feel the consultation by NAC was flawed as this was never disclosed during any of the meetings, also it was never detailed on the original plans, and it was merely a small box. They have already had a meeting with Cllr Murdoch and Cllr Hill, and tomorrow they have a further meeting with NAC. Their ultimate aim for the construction not to be there. Biomass consumes woodchip and so it would mean a furnace operating 24/7, spewing out toxic fumes and other pollutions, liking it to an industrial construction. They would prefer the primary fuel to be gas, which is to be supplied to the site as a backup. They would also wish for a full and proper consultation to take place as this has not happened. NAC already have 18 sites that use biomass as a fuel, all of which are schools with the exception of 2 small sites having housing.
CCllr J Perman advised that the height of the chimney has to be higher than the surrounding/adjacent housing. If this is at the lower end of the site then it would then be around the window level and wouldn’t meet regulations.
Mr McArthur confirmed that an Air Quality report has been done by NAC, although CCllr Perman advised that an air dispersal test should be done to see if the chimney would be high enough.
Cllr Murdoch advised that further to his and Cllr Hill’s meeting yesterday, points of concern include toxic fumes, inappropriate to the area, the size and design.  He feels that NAC should be open and transparent; this was never shown as a biomass boiler.
Other concerns raised include delivery of fuel and removal of ashes.  NAC have also not been able to or not willing to answer as to whether this will heat any further development on former St. Mary’s site (possible 80 homes) as well as the current planned 122 houses.
CCllr P Perman enquired if NAC requires planning for this? Cllr Murdoch clarified that if this was a private development then it would require planning; however this has been progressed through development rights and doesn’t go through the normal channels.
Other concerns raised about the site is that there is asbestos buried on site and has not been removed, which it should have been.  NAC advised that it is within permitted limits and that they do not have to remove it.CCllr Carson thanked the residents for coming and to keep us updated.


CCllr Adair asked Cllr Murdoch if there was a date yet for the next section of the prom to be laid.  He advised that once the sea wall repair was completed the prom re-surfacing would then go ahead. Cllr Murdoch will endeavour to obtain an approximate date for next meeting.
CCllr Stewart also reported that the recent School uniform recycling event was very successful and raised money for their charity.
CCllr Cochrane reported there is a Hunterston ‘A’ End State Strategy Development on 28 August 9.30-15.30 at Seamill Hydro.  He is unable to attend; CCllr Carson confirmed she will attend in his absence.

11 Date of Next Meeting –  19 September 2019

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