August Minutes – 2018

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Unapproved Minutes
16 August 2018 at 7pm at Largs Library

Present: CCllr D Blair (Chair), CCllr V Lundie, CCllr A Carson, CCllr P Perman, CCllr J Perman, CCllr J Stewart, CCllr A Adair, CCllr M Wood, CCllr, CCllr J Phillips, CCllr K Murray, Cllr T Marshall, Cllr A Hill, PC J Cook

Apologies: Cllr I Murdoch

Item Business
1 Welcome

Members welcomed.

2 Apologises

As above.

3 Visitors

Roz Fallon, NAC, on preparing for winter. As Roz’s previous meeting had run longer than expected it was agreed that she would return to future meeting to present ‘Preparing for Winter Weather’

4 North Ayrshire Council Report

As reported by Cllr Marshall – meeting today with locally elected members to discuss the car park fund. Items discussed were electronic bins for the prom and parking. The carpark fund generates £200-£250K each year.  Other items reported on were the final proposals for the new housing project on Flatt Road. These are broadly unchanged, approx. half the housing will be for general needs. This project is in the region of £20m. Contractors will be appointed later in the year and a proposed start date of April 2019. Phase 2 will be the St. Mary’s site and phase 3 will be Brisbane Primary site.
Having attended the Hunterston Stakeholder’s meeting, the members were invited for a tour.  Hunterston continues to operate on one reactor with the other shut down due to the cracked bricks. A report is to be presented to Office of the Nuclear Regulator and they expect it to be up and running early November.
CCllr Blair asked if there was any further update on the decommissioning site.  Cllr Marshall advises that a planning application is in and there is debate as to wither there should be an EIA. Cllr Marshall confirmed that at present the wind turbines, the conveyor system and the cranes are being dismantled.
CCllr J Perman asked Cllr Marshall about the NAC Charitable Trust and decision to amalgamate seven trusts into one, and also to delegate decision making to North Coast Locality Partnership. These trusts were for the relief of poverty and CCllr Perman questioned the validity of a grant for £10K to Largs Viking Festival. CCllr Perman asked how this award relieves poverty.  Cllr Marshall states that he cannot answer this. CCllr Blair declared an interest as a member of Viking Committee and advised that he was unaware of the source of funds awarded as would be any other groups. Cllr Hill advised that there would not be any grant application that would be approved without meeting the criteria and are vetted by various departments before approval.
CCllr P Perman stated that these funds would have been better allocated, eg Pupil Equity Funding in relation to free school meals and local foodbank.
Cllr Marshall advised that there are three trust purposes – for the relief of poverty, for the provision of recreational facilities and the relief of those by reason of age. This award was granted under trust purpose that it would provide recreational facilities. There is a full report available for this.
CCllr Blair stated that both CCllr P and J Perman have made valid points and asked if any action or further involvement was required by LCC. CCllr J Perman advised that a complaint has already been lodged with the auditor and that he would pursue this action personally as a member of public.  No further action required by LCC.

5 Minutes of Meeting of 19 July 2018
No amendments. Approved  CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Adair
6 Matters Arising from Minutes

Cllr Murdoch has submitted report on issues raised at last LCC meeting (see attached). CCllr J Perman asked for clarification on the recurring issue of commercial bins at shorefront car park.  Cllr Hill confirmed that works are being done at rear of premises (Room) to accommodate these bins.
CCllr J Perman advised that further to planning application from Room, this is, as at today, still pending.
CCllr P Perman had member of public asking if the business have table and chair on what is a public square do they pay for this privilege.  Cllr Hill clarified that they do not, but it is available for public to make use of.

CCllr Wood had been asked to clarify licensing enforcement and now able to confirm that the square must be cleared of all tables and chairs by 8pm.  Any obstruction that is not a permanent feature must be removed off the square.  Enforcement of this falls to Police Scotland which has been confirmed with them.  It was also confirmed that plastic glasses are to be used outside.

7 Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

Invitation from NAC to attended a GDPR on 29 August 2018 7.30-9.30 at the Focus Centre in Saltcoats.  CCllr Lundie intends to attend.

Licensing consultation already emailed out to members. Any feedback to go to CCllr Wood so she can collate and submit as a collective response by 1 October 2018.
Invitation from NAC to Locality Partnership Workshop, 15 September 2018 at Town Hall, Saltcoats. CCllr Wood expressed interest.
Invitation from NAC to attend Community Council Forum, 22 August 2018 at Focus Centre, Saltcoats. CCllr Wood expressed interest.

Member of public had posted on facebook about the lights on prom along the area at War Memorial being out.  Cllr Marshall confirmed that there were works due to be carried with several of the lantern heads being out and this was possibly the reason.
Follow up to complaint submitted to NAC, this was not received due to technical inaccuracies at NAC.  They now have it in their hands as at today.
CCllr Carson advised that as a result of work done by CCllr Stewart our facebook audience has expanded and thanked her for this. We now have far more people engaging in our page. CCllr Stewart had enlisted the help of a friend, Megan Black to assist with this.

8 Treasurer’s Report

As already emailed to members. Confirmed Current account having one expenditure of £8.79 resulting in a balance of £205.08, Project account balance of £3044.07, with cheques out pending which will leave a balance of £1424.07   Proposed CCllr Phillips, 2nd CCllr Adair.

9 Sub Committee Reports

a.    Police – as report by PC John Cook. – see attached report.  CCllr Blair again raised the issue about the roundabout at Inverclyde Sports C entre. This has again been raised by members of public, and in recent days on local facebook pages.  CCllr Carson has been approached by a member of the public who lives at corner of Gateside St and Allapark St who has experienced the building shaking with the heavy duty lorries coming down from demolition site on Flatt Road at speed inappropriate for this route. CCllr Carson expressed concern given history of lorries at speed in our area and asked if police could perhaps speak to site regarding this or alternative route.  Cllr Marshall confirmed that official route is to be Nelson Street.
CCllr Blair touched on policing and parking for upcoming festivals.

b.    Licensing – no new applications. CCllr Wood again covered the New Licensing Policy and that response required by 1 October. This covers areas such as securing public safety, protecting and improving public health and protection children and young people from harm.  All members already have the details emailed to them. Please forward any comments etc to CCllr Wood

c.    Planning – Nothing to report

d.    Environment – CCllr P Perman received form from StreetScene to complete asking for input as to what activities we would like to see happening, eg benches painted, beach cleans. CCllr Perman has responded to this. CCllr Perman expressed concern at the reducing membership of the environmental subgroup.  CCllr Adair confirmed he is still happy to be a member of this subgroup.
CCllr Blair advised that CMPR are in the process of forming a group, The Friends of CMRP, and this is something we may wish to be involved in.  CCllr Perman also advised that she has heard nothing further regarding the forestry project.  CCllr Blair has emailed FCS asking if there is an update regarding this. It was intimated that there may be an update released soon.
Ian Dippie had approached NAC suggesting a bin at the entrance to the Greeto walk and was advised that there is already a bin in the vicinity.  CCllr Blair advised that bins have been removed from a picnic area up the Glen road, and rubbish is being left behind. CMRP have been to clear this up.

e.    Transportation – CCllr Adair has asked the Police to pay more attention to the parking on double yellows at the War Memorial when the ferry que is extended, particularly at event times.  CCllr Phillips enquired about any alterations to the bus bays at the crematorium.  The response from NAC was that they had visited the site and were satisfied that what was in place was satisfactory.   Cllr Murdoch had previously raised the issue with the police and the response from the traffic police was that there was no need for the double white lines as suggested.   General consensus is that in bad weather, be it fog or ice, there is an accident waiting to happen especially with the speed of the traffic coming over the brow of the hill. Cllr Marshall confirmed that it was a recommendation by roads department but that this recommendation was never taken up by the planning officers.  CCllr Blair asked how the councillors could help us with take this forward. Cllr Hill agreed that he would take this forward for us.

10 A.O.C.B. – CCllr Phillips had been asked if there would be a garden of remembrance at the crematorium.  CCllr Blair advised that our understanding was that there would be and that part of the delay was due to the extreme weather that we had earlier in the year.  CCllr J Perman confirmed that the issue was that there could not be any scattering of ashes due to the water table.  It may be possible however to bury an urn.
Finally, CCllr Carson made a small presentation to and thanked CCllr Blair for his service over the years to LCC. CCllr Blair expressed his appreciation.
11 Date of Next Meeting –  20 August 2018

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